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Sonix Victory 75 variations


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What happened to the mfg’s of our particular version? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

The actual Sonix folks have been bought a few times over and mainly make USB parts. I reached out to their American rep and two things are clear.

1. He has no clue about any of the details of the manufacturing process behind this old unit. Its a dead end.

2. He thinks I am very much insane.

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yeah, went the same road, same results. Also as there are multiple companies by that name today I haven't been able to trace back a clear heritage line (so to speak). But even if I had it probably wouldn't have made a difference.

Some time ago I discussed this with some guys on a vintage transistor radio forum and they said that there weren't sole radio producers around in the 70s in Hong Kong. Just manufacturers for different pieces which were finally assembled and released under different brands.

I think if we had gone out instead searching for the holy grail we already had it in our hands by now ;-)

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Got my new laptop done. I am trying to figure out a way to organize the images of the different types of radios, and their manufacturers, maybe a spreadsheet style.

Something that is just one image that I can link to.

Anyways -

While researching a radio I currently own, I stumbled upon a K-Mart advertisement.

There is a radio in the ad (top right) that looks similar to one of the models of radio that were manufactured In Hong Kong.

So, another avenue of research. However, that ad has a radio listed with an incorrect model number. So I am not sure how reliable the model number on the one in the top right (if found) would be.


The K-Mart radio in the top right of the ad looks like this ElectrBrand on the first page of the thread.


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On 2/27/2016 at 4:07 PM, Fraulein said:

I had always understood that "Solid State" meant that the item was constructed of materials that kept the electron charges inside the material. The use of transistors instead of old technology that utilized vacuum tubes.

It was a way of marketing electronics, when that was on them, you knew it was "high tech".

I did not think Solid State was a brand.

On 2/27/2016 at 4:29 PM, Strider said:

Just looked it up and you are absolutely correct of course. Always sounded like a brand to me so I didn't give it that much thought :)


Solid State absolutely refers to the lack of Vaccum Tubes, Solid State signal amplifiers utilize much more modern Diodes instead. Unlike Vaccum Tubes they last forever, are much more durable, and far less subsceptible to damage from physical shock than Vaccum Tubes. So Solid State Technology is certainly more rugged!

However that being said: ask any guitarist and they will explain it to you. Vintage guitar Tube Amps are very valuable and highly sought after, because they sound much more "pure" than your average conventional Solid State guitar amp with clipping diodes. The sound of Guitar Overdrive/Distortion was born inside the vaccum tube after all. So while Solid State is newer technology and definitely more "High Tech" than old vaccum tube technology, it's not always considered "better". Especially to guitarists!

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