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  1. Haven't been here in a while but man, these look pretty cool. I lightly sprayed some non scented hair spray on mine and added a little sand and ground up black chalk for desired effect. I'll shoot ya a pic. later. But these look pretty cool bro.
  2. Congrats brother, job well done. Sweet lookin rig..... Now meet us down by the cantina for some barbecue jawa burgers before patrol.
  3. Hey Augustin, nice job on a sweet looking suit. See you in the pit, two clicks south of the cantina for some jawa burgers.
  4. Hey Chance, great lookin rig man. Love the bucket interior, and the back pack with the peek-a-boo radio set up. Makes me wanna go back and redo mine. But i would put snacks in there anyway..lol. All the best on submission brother, and see you in the sandbox soon !!!
  5. Looks great man. The weathering looks fantastic !!
  6. Congrats bro. Meet ya in the mess hall. Now for some Jawa burgers....
  7. Man, I can almost smell the awesomeness from here.
  8. Awesome pics. bro. Ticketing r-2,,,,,priceless.
  9. Great job bro. See you in the sandbox soon.
  10. If you're on a budget, try using different color chalks. Get a piece of 80 grit sand paper and sand the chalk over the desired area. Use a nice soft paint brush, and lightly blend in the desired affect. When the desired affect is achieved, lightly spray the area with some non-scented hair spray. Try a test piece first. Hope this helps bro.
  11. Don't stop brother, we're waiting for you in the sandbox. If ya need a hand with anything just shout.
  12. Lookin great bro. Love the weathering. Nice attention to detail. Only things I see is you may have to re-submit the pics. of the cod piece with the screws painted, and your pack might have to come up a little. Other than that, should be an easy pass. Good luck bro.
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