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Sandtrooper Loop mp3 moved to here


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I didn't realize that the other thread could be viewed by everyone. I moved the link here for MEPD/501st members only. :rolleyes: In fact, this was getting added onto a DVD along with the speaker being sold on the forums right now. I wasn't ****** or anything, just a little bummed as I really wanted this loop stay to "in the family".

Here is a direct link to the MP3 for you to listen to it.


Here is a direct link to DL a zip file of it to your computer and load onto your player.



Extended Loop #1

Obviously, MEPD takes precedence over a TK loop, so if you guys want another, that can happen. You just have to give me time to work on it.

Here's what I need from you guys/gals:

SUPER clear recordings of yourself saying various sentences, etc. Whatever you want, but record various things and a minute or so. I probably won't use everything you send, it just depends what still sounds good after being manipulated, etc.

Send files in mp3 format around 196.

I have a bunch of new sound FX to work with, but the loop will be along the same lines. Maybe not as long, just depending on who wants in (or unless we extend the first).

I should probably have a deadline by which I need your files so I can work on it. Say October 31 get your files to me?

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Sounds awsome, I'm down for being in the new loop, been playing your

other one for a while on my pack with my Ipod.

I use to do sound production so saying a few things would be great.

What e-mail address do I send it to?

Thanks again for doing this brother!

Do you think you could sort of plan what we should say

that way it would be easier to piece them all together in your loop?

Kinda like a script for alll that want in on the new loop.

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Yeah, I don't really know what to say. Just space talk. you know. :blink:

I guess since this is still Tatooine, just have dialogue reflecting that. IF you want to script out something for you and maybe someone else, that would be fine. But nothing too extensive. I could also change the pitch in my voice and be another person in a short dialogue.

I'm about 90% sure that I'd rather splice new sounds into the old loop. It will just make things go alot quicker. I can also lengthen the loop too to fit more people in. That's easy. But I think adding to the current loop will provide more consistency and move things ahead alot faster. I'll know more after I start it.

I do know that the TK loop will be alot different since they don't have radios. Pretty much no background noise like on our. Still some chirps and sounds here and there, but mostly just chatter.

IF you have a TK costume as well and want to get in on that loop, please make a separate recording with your TK number. I know if I post this on the main forums, I'll get flooded with wav files. I will probably just post that request on the FISD elite forum.

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WOW, I totally missed this post bro, **** sorry bout that.

Been workin alot!

I agree, adding more samples to the one done already is a great idea, copy paste,

I'll keep you having to start all over again.

Gotta love it ;)

Am I too late or do you still need some samples?

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