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*ACTIVATED* TD 21027 requesting SWAT deployment II #55


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Oh my goodness! This is so incredible! Your armor looks amazing!

Thank you for all these pictures is awesome how u have collected the them all. Thank u for them!

I wished I had these before I weathered my Sandie, I think maybe I can do some weathering and try to match it. I think my chest peace is good. But shoulders and biceps, forearms need some matching. Quads I think look good, calves I know specially the right need to be match. Mid section need some matching also. Well I think it will be fun to work on him again and try to get that MA Captain, it will be a fun challenge!

i will love to be more in touch with you if u will like, hope you don’t get bother if I ask u questions and keep txt u. Don’t have a Facebook at the moment but I have and email if u will like it! Anyway let me know. Also I will send u some photos of my armor pieces so you can look at them and guide me and criticize them I am ok with that! The weathering I did is a grey tones, with some few desert touches, not to much of that earth brown dirt. I like the grey tones myself.

Anyway sorry for this long letter. 
Thanks again!

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Hi Cesar, thank you for the kind words. :)

I am happy you like it and it's always cool to inspire someone. 

And by the way, my weathering is also mainly based on black washes, only at the end, I give it a wash with Vallejo Model Color "Earth".

I would suggest you start a thread and post your questions here


and my fellow Sandies and I will always be happy to help you out. 

I am looking forward to seeing your progress. 

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Anytime Hausi! Thank you I will start working on it! Hey is there a place that shows how to build in details the backpack like the pieces that I have to get and the frame. I will maybe will like to build it. Let me know

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