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*ACTIVATED* TD-29185 Requesting Deployment #53


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Andi, It is my honor to officially activate you as the first SWAT Officer of 2019. 

Your hard work and your attention to detail on your build has been carefully evaluated and inspected. You have met all the requirements to place you among the MEPD's Finest.

Thank you for your patience throughout this process, but you can now take your place amongst the SWAT Troopers! Well done.

Please submit a picture that you would like to use for your SWAT Profile to Luis (TD-5044 / "SANDMAN TIGUI") to help get you properly processed onto the SPECIAL WEAPONS and TACTICS Unit Members Page (which unfortunately isn´t working at the moment:sweat:)

Congratulations on successfully taking the next step as a proud member of the SANDTROOPER ELITE.

Please gather your gear, charge your weapon and report to the 'Ready Room' to await further orders. 

Welcome aboard, SWAT OFFICER # 53 :td:

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Hi brothers :dancing-trooper:

 I'm proud of my SWAT approval .. it was a long and hard way. But it was worth it. Thank you for the support my Brothers,  I will continue to improve my armor as I always notice new details. the next projects are already in the starting blocks

Best regards Andi:fett:

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Hi brothers :salute:


it continues, I will now continue to my Cantina Captain the Bapty DLT-19 is ready as far as a few details and the 1 parts for the backpack are also there and more are on the way.


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