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  1. Troop #29 Date: 2022/4/28 Event: National Superhero Day
  2. Welcome to the Precinct rookie, I hope to see you around the water cooler.
  3. Congratulations and welcome to the precinct. I hope to see you around.
  4. Welcome future cadets of the MEPD. Emperor's Roughneck and PO 79008 stopping by to see the new class. You all will make fine troopers, and officers. Lord Vader and the Emperor will be most pleased.
  5. Congrats my brother. I hope to see around the precinct.
  6. Troop #28 Date: 2020/4/29 Event: Friendswood Jr. High Star Wars Week Virtual Troop Location: Virtual Troop (filmed at my house).
  7. Troop #27 Date: 2020/4/29 Event: Hamilton Middle School May the 4th Virtual Troop Location: Virtual Troop (filmed at my house).
  8. Troop #26 Date: 2020/4/29 Event: May the 4th Be With You City of Carrollton Location: Virtual Troop (filmed at my house).
  9. Thank you so much and glad to be out here representing the MEPD.
  10. TD-79008 requesting a review and promotion to the Emperor's Roughneck award 25 please.
  11. Troop #25 Date: 2020/2/29 Event: Lubbock Con Location: Lubbock, TX
  12. I want to clarify on my post for stating why I am not completing the SE sandie. I decided to keep the ROTJ TK as is. I will probably convert it later once it turns yellow and thank you all for following this thread.
  13. I did sir, but I changed my mind and will stick with TK until it turns yellow.
  14. Hello everyone!! It is with such sorrow that the ANH SE Sandtrooper will not happen. I am not able to secure a backpack. I will keep the ROTJ TK and just weather it to match the battle of Endor. Thanks to all who followed and I am still available to help with the CRL.
  15. Oorah for command staff. I am available if any other positions are needed or created. Thank you all for serving the MEPD.
  16. Thank you for your service sir. I appreciate you making me feel welcomed when I first joined.
  17. Yes sir I sure can. These are black and mix in well with the straps and the black under suit. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GOK99P6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The backpack is not required for basic approval for the 501st Legion. I hope this helps and I have completed many troops wearing the straps. It is very very hard to see them unless you are looking for them. I will take some photos and upload them later this evening so you all can see what my setup looks like. I even attached a button snap to the straps to prevent the shoulder ammo pouches from sliding down. You have to be creative here at the MEPD. We are on a low budget and the Empire will not provide any more funding.
  18. Welcome all new sandtrooper brothers and sisters! I hope to see you around the precinct.
  19. I bought mine off of Amazon. They are hiking straps that included a strap across the chest. It definitely helps for long troops.
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