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Sleepy Llamas thigh problem

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Reposting here from my build thread for visibility.

Here is a picture of disaster of a thigh. I measured and taped and did it again. I still managed to mess it up, the question is how bad.



So the situation is I trimmed for width, then trimmed for length. As I did that I made them too tight. By a decent amount. I opened up the front as much as I could and added a shim which leaves me here. Any thoughts on if this is approvable? Any fixes? 

My plan is to try to source a replacement set of thighs at some point, but I would like to get this done soon.

Thank you for looking


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Cool, sludge (ABS and acetone paste) is way better than any kind of putty, well done! I wonder if that difference will still be recognizable after you have finished weathering. 

Depending on how strict your GMO who's checking your application will be, it might still be possible that you will have to paint it. Keeping my fingers crossed for you mate. 

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I have had to do this on my kidney plate as I am a fan of IPAs lol. You did the right way and use ABS paste. Best thing to do is sand it and polish it smooth as possible before weathering. I would go back and remove the weathering and smooth it more. If you need to get new thighs, hit up Walt’s Trooper Factory as he makes bigger thighs with little wait time. 

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