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SWAT List in order of deployment


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I still aspire to join the ranks of the 501st. Armor building has been slow of late. Hope to get moving as it warms up. Will try to get with some garrison mates for help with measuring the legs and arms soon. 



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On ‎12‎-‎2‎-‎2018 at 2:51 AM, Asher said:


here is a List of Swat officers showing Name, ID, Trooper, Emulated, Garrison

This Currently Has up to SWAT Member #50 and will soon be adding #51

Swat MEPD.xlsx

This is exactly the kind of initiative that I really like!

Thanks for creating this :duim:

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On ‎12‎-‎2‎-‎2018 at 1:35 PM, Airborne Trooper said:

Great to have for historical purposes. Wish some of the old timers were still active on here though. Look who's #1 on that list though. Talk about keeping up with the times though. Makes us young guys look weak lol. 

Good old TD-252, Rolf is one of the best out there. He even helped me out way back in the beginning of 2008.

If you ever get to visit Kopenhagen, hanging out with him is definitely a master plan as he is a great guy!

@Asher, it should be Henriksen instead of Hemriksen ;)


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Since the old list is no longer visible, I rewritten and updated it:

SWAT:             Forumname:                    Garrison:                                ID:              Emulated Trooper:

#1                    Rolf                                    Danish Garrison                    252            Move Along Cpt.

#2                    Trooper1                          Garrison Carida                      3936          Dewback Rider

#3                    Smally                               UKG                                         7141          Road Block Cpt.

#4                    JK007                                 UKG                                         2755          Alley Check Cpt.

#5                    Sir David                           UKG                                         5996          Stop that Ship Cpt.

#6                    DirtyBoy                           Connecticut                            4401          Dewback Rider

#7                    Phil65                                UKG                                        2921           Docking Bay Cpt. V1

#8                    the dirty trooper              UKG                                         2479          Desert Sergeant

#9                    Miksi                                 German Garrison                   7930          Road Block Cpt.

#10                  Sandflea                          Star Garrison                            7435          Cantina Sergeant

#11                  Nick.Black                        UKG                                          5884          Stop that Ship Cpt.

#12                  Darth Chridan                German Garrison                    7987          Desert Sergeant

#13                  Iconoclasta_88              Mexican Garrison                     8800          Move Along Cpt.

#14                  Davemars                        UKG                                         5423          Move Along Cpt.

#15                  TD-8266                            Southern California              8266          Move Along Cpt.

#16                  Bigdane                            Nordic Garrison                    10252       Docking Bay Cpt. V1

#17                  Beren                                Florida Makaze                     9389          Docking Bay Cpt. V2

#18                  Sand Devil                       Neon City Garrison               10072       Move Along Cpt.

#19                  Rhapsodyred99             Garrison Tyranus                    11038       Move Along Cpt.

#20                  Lord Triste                       Spanish Garrison                   3677          Cantina Cpt.

#21                  Havoc                                UKG                                         6538          Docking Bay Sgt. V1

#22                  Opi Wan                           German Garrison                   86079       Move Along Cpt.

#23                  DarthGrace                     Excelsior Garrison                  5631          Move Along Cpt.

#24                  boltstrooper                  Southern California                4937          Move Along Cpt.

#25                  Helotrooper                   Dune Sea                                  5224          Roadblock Cpt.

#26                  TK4949                              HongKong Garrison              4949          Desert Sergeant

#27                  felice                                 German Garrison                  20047       Desert Sergeant

#28                  Mr_Hair                           UKG                                          46800       Cantina Cpt.

#29                  Milo                                   Japanese Garrison               77525       Desert Sergeant

#30                  VF2112                             Southern Cross                     21112       Cantina Cpt.

#31                  VECSPEED12                   Golden Gate Garrison          9512          Move Along Cpt.

#32                  UKSWRATH                     Golden Gate Garrison          10116       Cantina Cpt.

#33                  SID                                     Polish Garrison                    4048          Desert Sergeant

#34                  Millenium1                     UKG                                         10068       Desert Sergeant

#35                  DaeLMa                           German Garrison                 22011       Desert Cpt.

#36                  sandtrooper                   70th Explorers                       8867          Road Block Sergeant V2

#37                  Old Nic                              German Garrison               31967       Move Along Cpt.

#38                  Robster                            Cloud City Garrison            8821          Cantina Sergeant

#39                  Strider                              German Garrison               16080        Cantina Cpt.

#40                  Cipher                               UKG                                       89000       Move Along Cpt.

#41                  Little Skywalker              German Garrison                 18987       Docking Bay “no Rank”

#42                  TD-Sharp                         German Garrison                12169        Docking Bay Sgt. V1

#43                  TD42115                           Canadian Garrison             42115       Docking Bay Cpt. V2

#44                  Felixdario                        German Garrison                22013       Cantina Cpt.

#45                  Moley77                          UKG                                         81913       Alley Check Private V2

#46                  spOOL68                          70th Explorers                       68686       Docking Bay Cpt. V1

#47                  jcalus                                 Badlands Garrison              84414       Road Block Cpt. V2

#48                  hausi                                 German Garrison                21027       Docking Bay Cpt. V2

#49                  bigwam                            German Garrison                30571       Falcon Take Off Private

#50                  Heroma97                       German Garrison                22997       Docking Bay Cpt. V1

#51                  m4vrick                            Garuda Garrison                 17778       Cantina Cpt.

#52                  talizman                           UKG                                        21804       Cantina Cpt.

#53                  Andi53                              German Garrison                29185       Docking Bay Cpt. V2

#54                  TD 9366                            Chinese Garrison                9366          Move Along Cpt.

#55                  hausi                                 German Garrison                21027       Move Along Cpt.

#56                  Doubledx                        German Garrison                 82112       Alley Check Private V2

#57                  bigwam                            German Garrison                30571       Roadblock Private

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List with number of SWAT officers and garrison:

70th Explorers Garrison                 2

Badlands Garrison                          1

Canadian Garrison                          1

Chinese Garrison                             1

Cloud City Garrison                        1

Connecticut Garrison                    1

Danish Garrison                              1

Dune Sea Garrison                         1

Excelsior Garrison                          1

Florida Makaze                                1

Garrison Carida                               1

Garrison Tyranus                            1

German Garrison                           17

Garuda Garrison                             1

Golden Gate Garrison                   2

Hong Kong Garrison                      1

Japanese Garrison                         1

Mexican Garrison                           1

Neon City                                          1

Nordic Garrison                              1

Polish Garrison                               1

Southern California                       2

Southern Cross Garrison              1

Spanish Garrison                            1

Star Garrison                                   1

UKG                                                    13

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Hi all!
How are you my dirty brothers.

Have not been here in ages, again... LOL

Looking at this list, and going through the names, specially the first 20 or 25, brought a lot of memories back.

I have to say that specially approval proceses for Rolf and Jay...  #1 and #2 definitely set the standard for all submissions, evaluations and approvals coming after. I have to say that for me, the most difficult one to evaluate correctly was Jay's armor. 

@trooper1I am sure you can remember that bro, don't you? That weathering texture and pattern... if it was difficult to evaluate, I for sure was 10times more difficult to create.

Good to be here if only for a post or two.


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