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*APPROVED* TD-21027 Requesting SWAT Deployment #48


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  • 7 months later...

As I consider SWAT to be a process that never ends, I think there is always room to improve one´s gear. After our latest SWAT officer M4VRICK has raised the bar quite a lot, I had to make some adjustments to my armor: 

There is one line of weathering on the abdomen that supposedly was created while the armor was weathered with the ammobelt attached and later, during filming the belt has obviously slipped down (this can actually be seen on several troopers from ANH). 


So I tried to emulate this specific detail too:


one other detail was actually discovered by our own Felice/Felix, it is the tape holding together the left biceps at the back:


...and I just like all those little imperfections the original suits had because of all the wear and tear they had to go through, so I just had to add this detail as well :)


always striving for the highest level of accuracy... that´s the fun of it :)

Cheers mates

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