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It has been a while since the last edition of our newsletter was published.

We are coming back with it really soon but I need input from all of you.

If you have any good suggestions for a topic don't be a stranger and send me a PM over here on the boards and explain why we should have this in the newsletter.

*note, not all suggestions when approved will be published right away but will be published in later editions.

Suggestions could be regarding armor, new discoveries or armor makers etc.

The newsletter will already have:

- A word from our CO/ XO

- Trooper of the month

- Recruit of the month

- Special troops/ Squads/ SWAT/ P.O

- 501st announcements

- info on merchandise runs

Looking forward to your suggestions.




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May I suggest a focus on the new CRL updates?

On a similar note, maybe a really quick focus on what changes need to be made for any newcomer who bought an ANOVOS kit and would like to change it into a TD. And maybe a reference for where they can find pouches, pauldron, etc. here on the site.

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Looking forward to getting this launched again. A couple of things I'd like to see added would be birthdays of all the troopers Celebrating that month and all the new members we've had sign up that month.

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I'm on the FISD forums all the time and I've seen a few guys saying they were building TDs with their Anovos kits. I'll try to get them to cross post build threads here too and welcome them to MEPD.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to do a WIP, but I think I might be the first approved ANOVOS TD.




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