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  1. Holy... Wow. Just wow. That is a fantastic recreation. Absolutely brilliant.
  2. I would ask who the maker is- the details on the ab section look VERY soft, and I'd ask to see pics of the forearm details as well. The leg sections are either very wide, or very short, so I'd definitely try it on if possible before buying it. You don't want acres of black space between your plates.
  3. Date: 14 FEB 2020 What: Jedi Night MAW Fundraiser Location: Mukwonago High School Make-A-Wish Wisconsin’s largest youth fundraiser and it was started in honor of Kaden a few years ago. Troop #85
  4. Welcome aboard! One thing you might want to consider in the HWT/vs/Sandie calculations is that the HWT backpack is VERY specific. There is only one version of it, and no deviation allowed. With the Sandie backpacks you have 5 "as seen on screen" options, and you can even build one that is similar to the screen versions but isn't dead accurate. So you've got a little more wiggle room in finding parts. And, as others have said, you don't need a pack for initial approval. Lots of us go armor first and then take our time building the packs later once we're trooping. It took me almost 2 years to finish my pack.
  5. To answer your question- ANY approval done via a GML is a 'basic approval'. Any approvals above that are done at the detachment level (in our case, here on the MEPD forums in the "request PO status" or "request SWAT status threads). Note that not every detachment has tier 2 or 3 approvals though.
  6. Date: 25 JAN 2020 What: Drew's End of Chemo Party Location: Hartland North Elementary School Party and fundraiser for Drew, a 4 yr old who just successfully completed 31 months of chemotherapy. With GA CKOR-1701 as DW Mando Troop #84
  7. What a cool opportunity! Congratulations, and well done!
  8. Date 21 DEC 2019 What: Star Wars Ep. 9 Premiere Location: Marcus Ridge Cinema, New Berlin, WI With GA CKOR-1701 as DW Mando Troop #83
  9. Date 20 DEC 2019 What: Star Wars Ep. 9 Premiere Location: Marcus Majestic of Brookfield, WI With GA CKOR-1701 as DW Mando Getting a Christmas card from our little wish kid my gigantic GA Suspicious droid spotted Troop #82
  10. Thanks, brother! Children's hospital troops are some of my favorites, but they always exact a toll. So many little people dealing with so many huge problems. Definitely double Whisky rations after a troop like this.
  11. as a total aside- one tiny little girl came up to me during the troop and asked "Are you the captain?!" And I could only answer honestly, "No, ma'am, I'm just a private". Then one of the hospital staff asked, "why are you so dirty when everyone else is so clean?" And I gave my standard answer of "That's because I do all the work while the shiny ones have garrison duty". Which netted a laugh from the staffer and one of the shinies, who is a Coastie - and a great mate.
  12. Date: 04 DEC 2019 What: Children's Hospital Visit Location: Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Wauwatosa, WI Spreading some smiles where they are very much needed Troop #81 Right before me and the shinies bust out some sick dance routine (kidding, but it totally looks like it)
  13. The difference between the R1/Solo TK and then OT TKs is pretty massive. The body construction is totally different, the 'trim strip' detailing on the arms and legs is different, the bucket is different, the ab section, cod section, belt, chest, back and kidney plates are all NOTICEABLY different Not only in details but in the way they are cut and the way they fit together. COULD it, in theory, be done? Maybe. But you'd spend more time on it than is possibly worth doing. You'd be better off with an R1 kit. The money you spend trying to convert the FX will likely exceed the cost of a new kit.
  14. Date: 16 NOV 2019 What: Kaden's Wish (Memorial) fundraiser Location: Chammps Americana, Brookfield, Wisconsin There representing Kaden's love of Star Wars as funds are raised to hit Kaden's family's goal of funding 100 Make-A-Wish wishes. Troop #80
  15. Date: 09 NOV 2019 What: Flight to the North Pole Volunteer fundraiser Location: Elks Club Lodge, Waukesha, Wisconsin Last minute glad-handing and photo op with the volunteers who will be putting on this years "Flight to the North Pole". Troop #79
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