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  1. Date: 27 APR 2023 What: M-A-W Celebration of Stars Location: Make-A-Wish Wisconsin headquarters, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Troop #88 With GA-CKOR-1701 as Imperial Army Trooper
  2. Sn4k3 is correct, there is a lot of armor switching about between takes. I mapped out a proposed configuration and made note that in the next scene the armor (hands and bucket at the bare minimum) were totally different.
  3. Curious if we're planning (as a detachment) to adopt the weather-beaten troopers as seen in Kenobi as part of the detachment? They look very similar in build to troopers seen in The Mandalorian (R1 bodies with what looks like ANOVOS buckets) but the weathering is distinctly different. Very dark wear, I'd say nearly black, and more linear. With said weathering mostly occurring along the hard edges of the armor.
  4. Spec Ops- Yeah, there's not much to it, and as long as you've got good boots it's a pretty easy costume to wear.
  5. Date: 22 MAY, 2022 What: Superhero Stomp (charity event to fight childhood cancer) Location: Pewaukee High School, Pewaukee, Wisconsin With GA-CKOR-1701 as Imperial Army Trooper Troop #87 Personal note- after 6 years (almost 2 of no trooping) my elastic has pretty much ALL given out and will need replacing.
  6. He is on facebook, or you can email him directly. He's very easy to work with. https://www.facebook.com/jim.tripon jimmiroquai@yahoo.com edit: beaten to the punch by minimo
  7. That looks fantastic! If you find the file (or at least where you got it) that would be really helpful! Thanks in advance
  8. Like the title says- I'm looking for a file (ideally stl) for the Tabby Type F scope. I've seen it as part of a whole suite of files available for purchase, but I'm having a terrible time finding it on its own. Anybody got a lead? I'm about 35% of the way through printing my blaster and am stuck on this part. Thanks in advance.
  9. I can help out as ML if needed. I spent the last 5 years as one of WI Garrison's SLs. So being the 'face of the squad' for new members is something I'm very familiar with. Retired from my role as SL, but I'm staying on as GML for at least one more year as I help train up a new one.
  10. I was very two-minded about jumping on, as I'm generally very picky about aloha shirts. Normally I only wear silk ones, and only ones that are truly camp-cut. But the graphics and colors were too great to risk missing out on. The only thing I'd change about this shirt would be to go with a true camp-style one-piece collar and an offset top button. But everything else is exactly as I love them to be. And the material is very soft and drape-y. Hopefully we'll do a new colorway or new graphic in the not-too distant future, because I'll definitely jump on that as well.
  11. Yup, same here- I gotta reshoot my profile pic with the new shirt once the ice finally melts off the deck!
  12. Thanks to Redforce for putting together this amazing run. Now I just gotta wait for us to get above freezing again and I can sit out on the back deck with an appropriately themed cocktail and lounge in style.
  13. Date: 19 SEPTEMBER 2021 What: Charlie's Wish Party (Make A Wish) Location: Milwaukee County Zoo, MKE, WI Troop #86
  14. Holy... Wow. Just wow. That is a fantastic recreation. Absolutely brilliant.
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