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  1. TD build for my wife - Anovos conversion

    Some more photos
  2. TD build for my wife - Anovos conversion

    Got @birthdaydino's approval photos yesterday, putting those together and Aimee will submit for approval soon! Took a few fun pics beforehand though! More to come!
  3. Grey-blue Color for Backpack Parts

    Yup.....it’s the Krylon one. I’m an idiot lol Sorry about that hahaha Krylon K09206007 'Rust Tough' Battleship Gray Rust Preventive Enamel - 12 oz. Aerosol https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0009XCKRY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_OjI2AbX4WC875 Edit: Updated the image above to say "Krylon"... lol
  4. Henselmonster Backpack Build

    Working on finding a good color for the bottles and trays. Battleship grey is too dark IMO, but its not bad. Trying a few other commercial options, if those don't work ill custom mix a color I think. PMS 7543 is what I am aiming for. Tested Battleship Grey and Tamiya TS-66 INJ Grey These are both too dark for my taste. I'm testing this guy out next, I'm afraid it will be too green but worth a shot.
  5. Grey-blue Color for Backpack Parts

    Rattle can, you can find both on amazon
  6. Grey-blue Color for Backpack Parts

    Right now the best option we recommend is Battleship grey Or this Tamiya grey color. Hoping to find something a shade lighter, but for now its the closest commercial paint we can find. For my pack if I cannot find anything I may custom mix a color.
  7. Potential From Florida

    Nope! Not yet. Hopefully soon!
  8. Grey-blue Color for Backpack Parts

    Slate Blue is too blue. Command staff is actually working on settling on a single color. Something closer to battleship grey. I will make a post in my pack build thread tomorrow AM with the options I’ve tried so far. It should be grey in color, with a hint of blue, but it will look grey under most lighting.
  9. Potential From Florida

    Fantastic! Send them to @dutchy and me and we can review! Thanks!
  10. Hasboro Toy Shop - Sandtrooper and Dewback Black Series

    That reminds me...time to extend out my kidney shims....(cries into a bowl of Reeses cups)
  11. Potential From Florida

    So far, we SHOULD be getting the Mimban Trooper, barring any challenge from another detachment for it, which I doubt will happen. Nothing is official until the CRL is done. Lets get that CRL done! I bet we will see a spike in R1 armor soon as WTF will be producing R1TK armor.
  12. Hasboro Toy Shop - Sandtrooper and Dewback Black Series

    I picked mine up on Amazon, its $60 with free 2 day shipping if you have prime.
  13. Thats so cool! My next project is 3D printing a k2so head...I'm totally going to use this idea!
  14. Out of helmet head cover/hat

    PP sent for 1 hat with patch....lol That would be great, thanks Jay!