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  1. One pile of printed plastic left... Then final assembly and weathering!
  2. I could not have done this second pack without the awesome work done by some of the awesome troopers around here! The pack build threads from @519 Trooper and @welshchris77 have been a huge help. @jcalus has a great post about how to make the pack 5 filter that I used. @henselmonster has another great build thread, and most of the 3D prints I'm using are his files, and they have saved me a lot of time and money! @stormtrooperguy also has some sweet 3D files that I have used. @mikelbrierly has a great writeup on making a frame by just bending pvc. I might be forgetting someone... I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your hard work!
  3. Attached the mortar tube, the radar dish mount is a 3D print. Not going to rob parts off the old pack until I get closer to completion. I added some plastic to reinforce the seed trays, used some real thick scrap from a local plastic supply. I also painted them! I should have just enough blue for everything! Also finished smoothing and painting the canteen. The smoothing was not perfect but weathering will fix that! Figured I would go pack #5 with this
  4. Great job Crashman!! I was trying to get into looksirdroids a few days ago [emoji853] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I agree with Hausi. This might not be very helpful either, but the biggest tool at your disposal is research. A lot of the pinned threads in each section hold a lot of ideas, tools and supplies that will help get you on your way. There are also some great threads in here about almost everything that aren't pinned. The best tool here IMHO is the search bar. You'll find more around here than people can show you! Good luck!
  6. Thank you! I’m very pleased so far. Not sure if I will go for SWAT but it’s nice to know I can if I wanted to! I’ll probably knock off that hot glue anyway Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I finally got around to working on the new pack, thanks to the very short winter break I got, better than nothing. I used mikelbrierly's method for bending PVC without crunching it and it worked great! Not going for SWAT so I just used 1/8" aluminum for attaching the boxes. Added a little hot glue on the edges to look like welds before primer! Also started smoothing the print for the canteen and siphon
  8. Troop 40: Flix Brewhouse Troop 41: Flix Brewhouse Troop 42: Flix Brewhouse
  9. Troop 37: Special Olympics of New Mexico Troop 38: Library Summer Reading Kickoff
  10. I can give it a shot. I've always talked about getting into modeling and designing parts, just never done it. Might be a good learning experience
  11. Hey @henselmonster, did anyone ever model the white thermal detonator piece that sits on the radar tube? I don't know the exact terminology
  12. Sean Iron Man Day May the Fourth, 2019 Like most garrisons (I assume) May is our busiest month, and the 4th is our single most requested day for appearances, this year was no different. This year from 800 to 2100 about 20 of us trooped 8 times for a special reason. Back in February our GCO, Sean East TS-5525, passed away suddenly and without warning. It was a huge shock to all of us in the Dewback Ridge, as he was an outstanding CO and one of the nicest and most inclusive people any of us ever knew. I'm not just saying it either, he truly was. Last year he set a single year DRG troop record with 113 troops. Sean was always trying to make peoples day a little brighter, and his loss will be felt for a long ways to come. Sean always talked about trying to reach as many people as possible on May the 4th, so this year we turned it into Sean Iron Man Day, in honor of the charity and contributions of our former GCO. We did this for you Sean Troop 29: Sean Iron Man 1 Troop 30: Sean Iron Man 2 Troop 31: Sean Iron Man 3 Troop 32: Sean Iron Man 4 Troop 33: Sean Iron Man 5 Troop 34: Sean Iron Man 6 Troop 35: Sean Iron Man 7 Troop 36: Sean Iron Man 8
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