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  1. Marv

    Exhaust piping

    Has anyone come close to identifying the base for this?
  2. Marv

    Exhaust piping

    Thanks seen something that might just work, just need to order it in to see how it compares.
  3. What is the assumed diameter for the tubing used on the exhaust part?
  4. They both look like Style ones to me - one even says it on the side. Without seeing both sides of the canteen you cannot discount these as THE most screen accurate. I think its the same company if anyone can find a history of GioStyle we'd be able to see for sure.
  5. Well it's funny but stumbled on the maker late last night when I saw a similar listing but for the larger size canteen. This was in fact made by Style of Italy I think it may possibly pre date the giostyle? Funny if you look at the giostyle label style is kind of singled out by the bordering. The larger canteen I saw had exactly the same colour scheme as mine and was shown in an advert too.
  6. Stumbled on this on ebay. It's a 70's canteen but there us no branding or markings on it whatsoever. It even has the lid linkage part on the neck the same as the giostyle. Has anyone else here stumbled on one of these? Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  7. Just hope I'm not to short to be a stormtrooper?
  8. I used this on my lid previously it worked out fine.
  9. Marv

    Paint removal

    I've used white spirit in the past on the Humbrol enamels, worked fine, just daub on a cloth and rub it off.
  10. It'll be years before I get that pleasure in the back wash that is the SW
  11. Tried connecting to the FISD earlier this morning and read a message that the Account had been suspended, has anyone else seen this?
  12. Same in the UK postage stamps for 1st class internal letter mail went from 45p to 60p alone.
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