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Removing weathering?


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Yes, I know, what I'm asking is borderline blasphemy, but I need to replace all my leg pieces - bought a complete kit off another TD and the thighs & shins have been trimmed too short for me. There's only 1" difference in our heights, but there's a decently fair difference in our inseams. My thought is to try and match the weathering as best as possible on a scrap piece first. If I can, gerat! If not, I'll need remove as much of the of weathering as I can, so I have a relatively blank slate to start a complete matching weathering job again. 

Has anyone done this before, and if so what did you do?

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16 hours ago, bigwam said:

That depends entirely on the composition of the color. Is it oil paint? Acrylic paint? I've had good experiences with spiritus with Valejo paints.

I'm not entirely sure of what was used. But it's no longer an issue. After review by several members, the fit will not be anywhere near what I need even after extensive modifications, so I'm leaving it as is and purchasing a new kit to start fresh.

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