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TD-18180 Requesting Deployment

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Hi Phil, welcome and thanks for your interest in becoming an MEPD deployed officer. 

You look very happy on that final pic, that's awesome and that's also what it feels like to be a sandtrooper. :yes:

But have you read the requirements for level 2 approval? 

Please have a look at them:

You will very quickly see that an essential part is missing: the backpack. Without it, you can't be deployed. 

Refering to the above thread, you can also see that we will have to see many more pics showing the details of your armor.

Please also have a look at some ot the previous nice and tidy successful applicants' threads, e.g. this one here:

Looking at these threads, you can get an idea what it takes to become a deployed officer.

Looking at your armor, I can already point out some things that will need to be improved, for example the clamshell of the abdomen and kidney armor have to be completely closed, which means that you will have to add shims. Moreover, those pouches on your belt will not work out, canvas pouches aren't allowed for the hip belt, same goes for the French-style leather pouch, only "Stolla-Wien"-style pouches or Spanish pouches are allowed as they are the pouches used on screen.

As soon as you are ready, please apply again and I will be taking care of your approval request.

Cheers mate

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