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*IN PROGRESS* TD-6316 Requesting SWAT Deployment


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Name: Daniel Wong

Legion ID #: TD-6316

Forum Name: tk6316

Garrison: Malaysia Garrison

Trooper Emulated: Docking Bay 94 (Sergeant)

Police Officer

On-screen trooper (right) vs Applicant (left)

Photo 1


Photo 2






























That is all for my application and would appreciate any feedback or changes needed for my kit to be approved. 



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Hi Daniel,


thank you for your interest in joining the elite and submitting your request for SWAT OFFICER activation.

It really looks like you have put a lot of time and effort into getting your chosen trooper as screenaccurate as possible and I really like your attention to detail, especially how you tried to recreate the screen caps and have already incorporated the right (wrong :lol:) set of handguards, very well done my friend.

Your gear is on spot and your emulated trooper is immediately recognizable. But each new SWAT candidate gets looked at even more so from the previous trooper and the bar gets raised even higher.

Bigwam/Thomas and I will be taking care of your application together and we have already started studying all available reference material.

I know that you have looked at TD-Sharp´s threads which can be found here:



We have done the same and while you are definitely on the right track, we will need some additional pictures to complete your application.
You have already done a terrific job at creating a very tidy application but we will also have to ask for the following pictures:

-one helmet-off pic of you in your armor

-360 pics with and without your backpack

-pics of your codpiece with all the buttons/snap fasteners

-detailed pictures of your backpack

Still we always emphasize patience during this process as we pay more and more attention  to fine tuning with each new SWAT applicant and your chosen trooper is especially interesting since we think to have found new details with higher resolution pictures available nowadays.

Some details may definitely be missed and re-checked, but we will try to catch them on every pass given until you are cleared and ready to join the Special Weapons & Tactics Team, mate!

I am looking forward to seeing the added pictures and continuing your review.:salute:

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Good day to you @Hausi& @bigwam

I hope you both are doing fine.

Thank you for taking the time to review my application and would like to apologise for the long gap in my reply. My armour is actually in my new apartment and I didn't manage to find the time to take the pics.

Here is the additional photos as requested.

Helmet off


360 pics (with backpack







360 photo (w/o backpack)





Snaps & fasteners











Do let me know if more photos is needed and changes required.

Thanks guys!

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Daniel, there's no need for apologies, I hope you already feel at home at your new place. 

Thanks for providing the requested images, I will probably be able to write your first review over the weekend.

Cheers mate:)

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Hi Daniel


Thank you for providing these new pictures.:duim:


Then I guess it´s time to get this started… I will do your review in several phases, that way it´s easier for me. We´ll start with the helmet


MEPD SWAT OFFICER: application review part 1


Name: Daniel Wong

Legion ID#0: TD-6316

Forum Name: tk6316

Garrison: Malaysia Garrison


ANH Sandtrooper selected: Docking Bay 94 Sergeant  



Green lenses: check

Paint color on traps / tears: check

Paint color and number of teeth: see comments

Mic Tips: see comments

Vocoder color: check

Rank bar: see comments

Brow: check

Side Screws (ears): check

Weathering: see comments


**Additional Comments**

Daniel, nice helmet, however, this said helmet has been identified to be the infamous “Davin Felth”/ “Look Sir, droids” helmet. The degree of weathering for this helmet has changed during filming as it seems, it´s to be seen in its most dirty stage in the dune sea scene, in the road check scene it has already lost some of its weathering while it looks even cleaner in the docking bay scene.
I will also add some pics of the helmet in its current state after filming.

These pics show that this particular helmet only had three teeth cut out on its left side. Moreover does it have fifteen tubestripes on both sides (while your helmet has 16 on the left and 13 on the right).

While your brow-fitment is quite good, you should also recheck the forms of the traps and tears.

As far as the weathering is concerned, I think the spot (the remains of the “Davin Felth flame”) on the forehead should be a little more prominent while there should also be some more dirt added around the nose and the ears.

If possible, please also adjust the angle of the left mictip a little and cut out the eyes differently/ a little further to match the screen-used helmet.

Here´s a pic of your helmet first for comparison



Here are some pics of the original helmet.

Dune Sea scene




Docking Bay


Helmet in its current state after filming 








**Result on Helmet**


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Armor / Suit Details:


Canvas straps shoulder: check

Neck Seal: check

Black Undersuit: check

Shoulder Bells: check

Biceps: check

Forearms: check

Pauldron: check

Chest / Back Plate: check

Kidney / Butt plate: check

Ab plate / Side Rivets / Cod: check

Strapping: check

Tighs: check

Shins / Calves: check

Sniper Plate: check

Boots: check

Gloves: check

Hand plates / Guards: see comments

Ammo Belt (waist) w/ correct angled edge: check

Ammo Belt (right knee): check

Canvas Belt: check

Pouches: check

Weathering: see comments 

**Additional Comments**

The overall look of your armor is great and matches your chosen trooper very well, however, there are certain things that can be improved.
Your right handguard needs more weathering on the upper edge


I am not completely happy with the prominent spots on your chest as I think the pattern looks a little different on screen. I see a little more dirt towards the neck and I think there is like a clearer line that breaks up the lower spot. I know that lighting plays an essential role when looking at different screen caps but that´s what I see. What do you think, Daniel?


Your left shin and boot need more weathering, on screen, especially the left boot has obviously lost a lot of its white paint in the crease. 


**Result on Armor**


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Details: see comments

Weathering: check

**Additional Comments**

You did an amazing job on that backpack of yours, I just love backpacks. However, there are some minor details to be addressed:

1 Your radio isn´t really visible as your chosen trooper never turns around in that scene but I think we can assume that it´s the same radio as seen in the previous scene and the dial on the sonix victory 75 radio should be visible, maybe it got a minor dusting of black spraypaint but you can identify it.


Real Sonix Victory Radio 75 photo - Boots, Soft Parts, and other  Accessories - 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment

2 I am not sure about the bottom part of the radio. In some scenes, the radio of this particular pack was in some kind of plastic canister. You have a bit of wire there but I am somehow convinced that it´s the plastic canister again.
I will see what my fellow DO thinks about this.

**Result on Backpack**


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Details:  see comments

Weathering: check


**Additional Comments**

By now, everybody knows that I love Bapty blasters and I like yours very much but the problem is that your  chosen trooper isn´t carrying a Bapty but a regular E-11 which can be seen in several places in the following screen grabs:

The scope rail continues and goes back to the rear sight where it was probably attached as on all other regular E-11s.

The gun has a cocking lever which seems to have been pulled back, leaving the ejection port open.


Finally there is no M38 scope on this gun, it´s an M19 scope, which become apparent when comparing these images.


M19 Scope - No markings - Genuine? | RPF Costume and Prop Maker Community

**Result on Weapon**


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So this was your first review, Daniel.
There are quite some changes as SWAT is a challenging but  finally very rewarding process and I am absolutely certain that you will successfully overcome these challenges.

Cheers mate!

Hausi – MEPD Deployment officer

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Hi @Hausi,

Thanks for the review.

I guess it appears I have 'jumped the gun' on my helmet with the paint chip details and weathering and I believe I would need to wipe everything off clean and redo it to match the "Look Sir, droids" helmet but a 'lite' version instead. This however may take awhile. :lol: 

Noted on the comments regarding the weathering on the chest, handguard, shins and boots. These can be corrected somewhat easily.

As for the radio, I already have the dial on standby from some time ago so that will be a quick work. 

And shall wait for the results with regards to the plastic cannister but from the screengrab photo above, I'd disagree that there is one present as the lines on the side of the radio are fairly straight suggesting the absence of the cannister.


Modifications to the E11 should be a quick one as well. I already found the 3D files for the M19 scope and make a new rail and drill out the ejection port with the lever pulled back.

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On 7/11/2022 at 8:49 AM, Beren said:

Best of luck as you navigate this review...   you've got a great start already!


Thanks Pete! Looking forward to joining the ranks :smile:

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6 hours ago, tk6316 said:

And shall wait for the results with regards to the plastic cannister but from the screengrab photo above, I'd disagree that there is one present as the lines on the side of the radio are fairly straight suggesting the absence of the cannister.

Hey Daniel, I have talked to Thomas and we both aren't sure. You are right about the fairly straight line on the side of the radio. We have decided that you can leave it as it is, maybe correct the wire going around the radio a wee bit so it seems more straigt.

Go for it, mate! I am looking forward to seeing your progress on the required improvements.:duim:

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