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E-11 by Imperial Arms

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Hi Brothers and sisters,

just wanted to post this little thread to give you guys a short review or at least some pictures of the E-11 Blaster by Imperial Arms 3D. First of all, before I desided to go all in with a complete set of armor I just wanted to have something to put on display in my man cave. I found the online shop and ordered a finished E-11 Blaster at the begin of march this year. Shipping time was approximately 6 weeks. Within this time I decided to get a sandtrooper commission by RS. I ordered the commission without a blaster because I'd just ordered one... But everybody knows what happend this year... right, Covid 19... So they guys at imperial arms weren't able to stick to the shipping date. They are located in Florida and Covid wasn't the worse thing, they got hit by a hurricane and their shop got flodded... So it really took some time for the order to get shipped. I got the tracking number at the end of october and of course the package got stuck at the customs. But after almost 8 month I got the blaster. In the mean time I got myself a blaster by RS.

The quality of the 3d print is good. If I'd do it again I'd order the DIY version because I think that it's possible to get rid of the printing lines a little bit more by using a good filler. The stock is foldable but a little bit wonky because it's really thin. The triggerm and the spring are functional. Maybe I'll give it another round with filler in the future to make it look a little bit better. I guess it is nothing to troop with and just for displaying.

foto13.12.201344449xkbc.jpg foto13.12.201345133tktu.jpg foto19.12.201406451pk6v.jpg foto19.12.20140656apjkl.jpg

foto19.12.20140812g9j78.jpg foto19.12.20140835s2jx6.jpg foto19.12.20140906nokdh.jpg foto19.12.20140950y5jl3.jpg


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