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  1. Welcome! And the trigger awareness is looking real good, too! ;-) Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  2. Thanks! Maybe I‘ll give the DLT a try someday…
  3. Thanks a lot! I‘ll paint it black (nice song btw.)
  4. I waited with the final pictures because I've ordered some acrylic display stands by 3D Props. I first planed to print them in PLA but I thought that black acrylic looks much nicer. But I'll print the imperial cog and will attach them somewhere on the stand. For weathering I used @pandatrooper technique for the base oily layer and than drybrushed a brass color across some spots. Still need to seal it with varnish Overall I'm really satisfyed with the result. The print lines where really rough in the beginning and I switched from UV Resin to spray filler during the whole process. Something I won't do again in the future. The UV Resin is great but for rounded objects not the best decission because you get all those drips and drops where the fluid is going because of the rounded sourface. Sprayfiller is much more forgiving. I'll definitely change the trigger guard and the scope rail in the future and I want to redo the hengstler. But yeah... compared with the parts I've got from the netherlands in early 2021 and now... I like it and I've got myself a Bapty and it's looking good in the shelf. In the background is the E-11 I got with my RS commission and I really put some "heavy" weathering on it as @Hausi mentioned in the PO build thread. So I'll rework this as well as a classy ANH E-11 to display.
  5. Well, it seems like I'm not real "documentary" guy... But today I was in a good mood and everything just happend and the bapty is almost finished. The muzzle needs some more gentle knock, knock with the rubber hammer to get it a little more tighter, cleaning up in general, the T-Tracks and the back cap need to be glued to the body. Unfortunately the hengstler cracked a little bit so I'll will replace it with a new printed one when my printing skills have improved. Same with the magazine slot. I'll redo them with the files @Asvarusrecommended. The trigger guard and the scope rail will be replaced with metal versions. The next weekend I'll do the weathering and I have designed a display stand which I'll print during the next days. I have to say that I'm kind off happy with result so far especially in compared with the beginning. I wish the structure color would have more "structure" pigments but it's ok.
  6. The parts are coming together... I sprayed a rusty brown as baselayer for the main body parts today. I'll be masking the parts this evening or tomorrow morning and than I'll lay down the main color which is a black color with structure in the pigments. I'm curious hoq it'll look...
  7. I‘m like a gravedigger... :-D A friend of mine made these with your drawing. Can‘t wait to get them in my hands... :-D Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  8. Yes, sir... Had a day off today and I worked on the scope. It came with a lenses a sticker with a crosshair. Pretty nice... Nothing really special about the scope. I put all the parts together and glued it in place with E6000. I'll add some more resin in the print lines at the bottom but I think I'll conceal it with the weathering, Tomorrow will be big painting day so I guess on sunday there will be more pictures,
  9. Well it took a while but I made some progress... I thought there wasn't much more left to do in the garden, but well... there is ALWAYS something to do and wifey always has ideas that need to be fullfilled. And beside the outside projects I got myself an early birthday present and I call an Ender 3 V 2 my own now. A new toy, do I have to say anything more?! Basically I spent more time priming, filling and sanding... There are still some more spots to work on (the sight in the back, the T-Tracks and the grip) and I skipped the idea of adding additional holes in the body because the working bench was no longer present. I took the first pics two weeks ago. The base was still a little rough. Yesterday I added the metalic basecoat and a gray basecoat for the black structure color to get an idea how much the printing lines would shine through. But it is "okay" I would say. Ok, just wanted to give a short update. More to come soon.
  10. Yes, the print lines are pretty tough but it's ok. I guess it's also because of corona and that he is behind the scedule with the shippings and therefore he needs to finish things faster. Maybe... :-D I saw the files and I'm thinking about printing the magazin slot with this files and add it to my build because it's much more detailed. I just bought myself a Creality Ender 3 V2 (Hope it arrives tomorrow) but this printer is not able to print those fine details. So I'll print a dummy to get the dimensions right and than I'll let the part been printed via shapeways with fine detail plastic. It'll cost about 30€ which is ok. My father in law has a bench drill so I'll drill some additional holes to the main body at the weekend.
  11. I‘m thinking about it. I don‘t know if l‘m able to do it this accurate since I don‘t have a working bench with screw clamps to fix it properly. With the ABS it would work but with the aluminum pipe... this could end badly, but I might find a solution. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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