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  1. Moin to Hamburg! [emoji16] Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  2. In addition to what Hausi said you might need to add an additional male snap on Posterior Armor for lvl 2. I got myself a commissioned armor by RS and I had to add a second one. Not sure if it happened by mistake or it’s the standard RS version. But as far as I can remember this was the only „real“ modification to the armor I had to do. Cheers Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  3. Is this the favorite Jawa?! [emoji16] Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  4. Hehe, yes, unfortunately there weren't that much TDs that evening but yet an impressive amount of those other dirty guys... :-D Btw. how do I edit the topic?!
  5. #2 - 06.08.2022 Büdesheimer Laternenfest (Lantern festival) Awesome second troop during the evening / night with illuminated illuminated waggons.
  6. Well, first troop of my life ever and yes, it was exciting, frustrating, interesting, instructive and many more things at the same time. It was a birthday suprise for a little girl who is a big Star Wars fan and knows all the planets, characters and ships eventhough she just turned 8. Parenting done right! Till that day I only wore the armor for taking pictures but I just realized some things I have to tweak before the next time. First of all fixing the strapping for the backpack to the frame. The whole thing slipped all the time and due this the shoulder armor popped of all the time. This is the first thing that needs some attention and should be an easy fix. Next is adjusting the whole strapping a little and some minor fixes with the aker. The cable of the mic slipped through the chest plate while trooping. But overall it was great. And the little girl was a big Vader fan and as you can imaging she was blown away as Lord Vader appeared at the scene. The party was at a local bowling center and yeah... Dressing was upstairs and no elevator... Walking down the stairs like a living dead because "i can't see anything in this helmet" - something you need to get used
  7. Wow… this looks massive… :-D maybe I‘ll get this ready for Speyer! Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  8. My brother in law made them. More precisely his trainees in his company. Ok and to connect the two parts you used a threaded rod? Unfortunately I can't see it on the picture...
  9. The tipps arrived finally. What did you use for the staff? Wood or plastic? I was thinking about a two plastic pipes with a threaded rod to connect both parts.
  10. Welcome! And the trigger awareness is looking real good, too! ;-) Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  11. Thanks! Maybe I‘ll give the DLT a try someday…
  12. Thanks a lot! I‘ll paint it black (nice song btw.)
  13. I waited with the final pictures because I've ordered some acrylic display stands by 3D Props. I first planed to print them in PLA but I thought that black acrylic looks much nicer. But I'll print the imperial cog and will attach them somewhere on the stand. For weathering I used @pandatrooper technique for the base oily layer and than drybrushed a brass color across some spots. Still need to seal it with varnish Overall I'm really satisfyed with the result. The print lines where really rough in the beginning and I switched from UV Resin to spray filler during the whole process. Something I won't do again in the future. The UV Resin is great but for rounded objects not the best decission because you get all those drips and drops where the fluid is going because of the rounded sourface. Sprayfiller is much more forgiving. I'll definitely change the trigger guard and the scope rail in the future and I want to redo the hengstler. But yeah... compared with the parts I've got from the netherlands in early 2021 and now... I like it and I've got myself a Bapty and it's looking good in the shelf. In the background is the E-11 I got with my RS commission and I really put some "heavy" weathering on it as @Hausi mentioned in the PO build thread. So I'll rework this as well as a classy ANH E-11 to display.
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