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Backpack #5 - Informationthread


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In this thread you can post informations about the Backpack  #5. Original pictures, worth knowing, found parts and so on. It should help you build backpacks that are as accurate as possible.

I will start with a picture of my Pack and the individual components that I know:






1. Tupperware "Stow-n-go", Nr. 767

2. Filter

3. Plumber Cups

4. Seedtrays: - upper Tray with 5 Rips

                        - lower Tray with 3 Rips

5. "Giostyle Safari 600" - Canteen

6. Karrimor Frame, Totem-senior

7. Radio: "Sonix Victory 75" or "Northstar MT-1809"

8. Radardish: Lid from Pitcher, Mod. 874 (Tupperware) - clear one

9. Wet Wipe Bottles

10. Shires UP 90 Syphon

Mortartube: this part is originally a black plastic drain pipe for rainwater, the outside diameter is about 6,9 cm and the wall thickness is about 2mm. They are easy to source in the UK but hard to find in other countries, e.g. Germany.

The white ABS details are the same as you find them on the thermal detonator of the regular stormtroopers. While the original plastic drain pipe is shiny, the ones on the screen-used packs seem to be painted black with a satin finish.


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