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TD-68686 Tour Log - 18 Arrests


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Troop Log-

1. Holiday Smiles for Special Spaces- 12/4/16

2. St. Louis Science Center- First Friday 1/6/17

3. Sherwood Elementary- 3/3/17

4. Troopin' For Shoes -SIUE 4/8/17

5. St. Louis Children's Hospital- 5/4/17

6. St. Louis Public Library (Schlafly Branch)- 5/4/17

7. Hard Rock Cafe St. Louis- 5/4/17

8. Cancer Support Community-6/16/17

9. Lincoln County Relay for Life, Troy MO- 8/4/17

10. 131st Bomb Wing Missouri Air National Guard Family Day, Jefferson Barracks- 9/9/17

11. St. Louis Ambush Star Wars Night- 12-8-17

12. Music of John Williams w/STL Symphony Orchestra- 12/23/17

13. Star Wars Night with the St. Louis Blues- 1/25/18

14. Solo Movie Event, Cinema 1 Plus Washington MO- 6/2/18

15. Scout Halloween Party, Wohlwend Elementary- 10/23/18

16. ANH with the St. Louis Symphony 1/26/19

17. Nerdcon21 4/30/21

 18. SLSO Music of John Williams 3/20/22

19. Festus Elementary Autism Visit 6/13/22

20. St. Louis Ambush Star Wars Night 2/2/24


Holiday Smiles for Special Spaces- 12/4/16 (First Troop)













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Troop #4

Added a small troop on 4/8/17. A Troop for Shoes charity drive. Best part was it was my wife's first troop! She made it out in her Tie Reserve Pilot just after getting approved. 



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Just now, Airborne Trooper said:

So cool! Most I can get my wife to do is help my put on my armor :)

lol!!! I'm working on her Tie armor now. Hopefully soon she'll be a bucket head like the rest of us :duim:

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8 minutes ago, Airborne Trooper said:

Getting TI next month. It'll be my summer project where I will take my time with absolutely no rush :) Buying pieces a little at a time so my wife won't kill me :D


I get that. I'm going to do one for myself as well so I've been picking up pieces for mine as I get hers. All except the pricey bits like armor and helmet. I'll get those later. Hers is good practice. lol!!!

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Troop #5 - St. Louis Children's Hospital 5/4/17






Troop #6 - St. Louis Public Library (Schlafly Branch) 5/4/17

Troop #7 - Hard Rock Cafe St. Louis 5/4/17

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