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MEPD member donation drive 2015


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Ok all,

I have gotten some time to start catching up on things you guys have asked about.

Our 2015 fund drive is officially underway.

This year is special, but I will not say how.

This year only, for any MEPD official member who contributes $25.00 or more, you will receive a special gift from me. This will be limited to the first 35 $25.00 or more contributors!

Please be sure, that in your message you have your address listed so I can put it into the database for future reference.

Make donations to MEPDFO@yahoo.com please send as gift or friend, unless over $25.00 and then it doesnt matter for the number above.

From the desk of the MEPD Fin. Officer



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Please see updated post. Please make donations as a gift, or too a friend. If other, it will be as a business transaction, and cost reduction of your contribution.

Unless you are over $25.00 and then it doesnt matter because it will still show as above $25.00

Thanks guys for those who have contributed today.
I will get your gift out in the mail tomorrow.

Please dont tell anyone what it is, until after the drive is over! lol I only have 35 prizes to go around.

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