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Request 501st or Sandtrooper Section Access


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Dears Sirs,

My name is Caleb ** 

TKID: 88777

I have just been approved for SANDTROOPER from Singapore Garrison.



I am requesting for MEPD Sandtrooper Section & MEPD 501st Section Access .

Hope to join you guys on the other side soon.

Best Regards,

Caleb ** 

9th July 2020


Pose 5.jpg

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Dear Sirs,

I am requesting for MEPD 501st section access & MEPD Sandtrooper section access.

I have just been approved for Sandtrooper Costume.


Caleb **  

Singapore Garrison

Please see my updated membership ID with Sandtrooper Approval


Thank you

Caleb **  




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Thank you sir.

Is there a link where i can join?

Also are there any fire teams options available in MEPD ?

Understand other detachments do have fire teams. (Unoffical teams recognised by detachment for comradire purposes) 

Hear from you again soon

Caleb TD88777

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