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  1. Using thermal vision on Tatooine..... hmmmmmm unsure if that would always work, lol Also if you go into hot chambers they could come in use. I see your point tho.
  2. Same here. I just drybrush where the black paint wears off showing the resin. I also paint inside the imprinted lettering on my E-11, in silver, as it makes it look more real because you can see it was taken off of a real mag. For slings however on BFG’s I muddy them up with shoe blacker, as I an imagine oil and dirt getting caught in the fabric. But yes keep ya gun clean as possible so ya don’t get blockages
  3. I decided to start a project a while back to try and make some non-cannon armour. The armour was to be the hybrid of the Clone Trooper and the Sandtrooper. I ended up coming pretty close to the imperial Commando design. This is the quick drawing I did: So far i have only done part of the helmet because of other projects, but I hope to have the armour by November. Luke
  4. Sorry about always digging up this old fossil. I started my own variation of the helm at the moment, I still have to fill the teeth and cheek indents, back the tusk holes ect:
  5. I went out hunting lastnight, and shot myself a Wamp Rat in the Badlands! lol Whats everone think? Ronto skull next, lol? Luke
  6. Mmmmmmmm I gotta say those are sweeet! What are they? Luke
  7. The figure looks like it has Calico on it. Why not try that Looks bad-***! I have loads of plan for custom jobs in the future. Gotten bored with accurate. Luke
  8. To be honest you can't beat the price. Seeing that you hardly have to modify them, even if they are a little small.... Luke
  9. WOW!!! That is sweeeet!! The smoke realy does make it look badass!...looks like another upgrade for my T-21 again, lol Luke
  10. May I quote "Art is anything with no purpose what-so-ever". And Stormtrooper armour is defiantly useless, apart form looking good.
  11. R2 and 3PO should go to the "Star wars - droids" storyline for ep 2 & 3. And obi-wan should have R2 and many other R2 units on a single ship in ep1, hence him not remembering R2 individually "I don't remember owning the droid"
  12. Copy that, except I would just like to hear more news on the project. Sand's I spotted you on the internet: Luke
  13. Ok so here's the bad news.... I dropped it......on concrete..... AT THE FIRST EVENT I TOOK IT TO!!!!! "Noooooooooooo!" Luckily I have a friend who knew exactly what to do. First of all we trimmed down the parts so that they all fit together again. Then we glued the parts together with plastic reinforcements inside. After that we sealed off the ends with some more plastic: I then filled the gaps, and sanded down: We then attached some extra plastic supports: Finally I re-sprayed it, and heavily weathered it: I hope this helps anyone who fall into the same breakage problem What does everyone think of how it looks, with the new weathering??? Luke
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