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  1. If you type in bttf orange tube you'll find the real one and castings on eBay. As soon as mine is in my hands I'll take more pics. Good to be back bros!
  2. Im 100% positive. ILM was picking parts for star wars and Back to the Future at the same place and no one has came up with anything else close. if you count the ribs there the same and also the gaps between the ribs as it goes further up the barrel is exactly the same.
  3. Ready to have your minds blown? A few of you know I've been working on a BTTF time machine build (www.whatthehellisagigawatt.com) well guess what part a time machine and T-21 share? Ladies and gentlemen for your viewing pleasures, I present to you "THE ORANGE TUBE"!!!!! http://www.deloreane...ile.php?id=3386 http://www.deloreane...ile.php?id=3387 http://www.deloreane...ile.php?id=3388 http://www.deloreane...ile.php?id=3389 So now your asking where do I get one of these tubes, right? Off of one of these: http://www.deloreane...ile.php?id=3390 They're made by Arrowhead Products and is a reinforced non-metallic silicone duct. They were originally used as an air intake duct on some Sikorsky S58 helicopters Part number S1630-80391-1 National Stock Number (or NSN) which can be used to find these from online parts supplier's is: 4720-00-609-3125 Happy hunting troopers... They're not cheap
  4. Hey Troopers! Our Death Troopers trailer is up for an atom/LFL award!!!!! Please vote for our trailer! Its really easy, just click on the link and on the right click on Star Wars: Death Troopers Trailer then click on vote. NO LOGGING IN OR SUBSCRIBING TO ANYTHING! 8) Here's the link: http://www.atom.com/channel/channel_star_wars/?v=mgid%3Ahcx%3Acontent%3Aatom.com%3A96e3a254-174e-4bca-858f-aa177b9e4fb9 We really appreciate it!!! LETS MAKE THOSE COINS AND PATCHES EVEN MORE AWESOME BY WINNING THIS!
  5. My name is Mod Terrik. I joined the Empire following in my families footsteps. My father was a trooper, my grandfather was trooper and his father was a trooper. It was the only clear option. Upon completion of the academy I was given the id: 443. I've been on many special ops teams. Currently I am an Imperial officer of the Desert Sands sandtrooper unit. Fearless and highly motivated, I am willing to sacrifice as many troops as I feels necessary in order to achieve the objectives. I am a master tactician and am known for the deaths of hundreds of rebel. Currently we are assigned to Tatooine in search of missing droids C-3PO and R2-D2, I am in charge of the Desert Sands Zeta Squadron. I ordered and supervised attacks on a Jawa sandcrawler. Following the tracks of the sandcrawler, we soon moved to the Lars Homestead, where we found where the droids were. My troops captured Owen Lars and Beru Whitesun, and Lord Vader himself ordered us to execute them. We are currently searching for the missing droids in Mos Eisley.
  6. Rolf, bro you've got a big heart and your a good dad. Your son will grow up fine knowing that he can always count on his dad. Take it from a full time single dad myself, things do get better. Stay strong bro and dont give into the custody fight! Dads do win custody battles! I did and my situation is VERY similiar to yours.
  7. **** that looks good bro!
  8. I can only do 1 color shirts These two are for sure being made! Glad I have your ok bro! When we get crackin on this run you got to send me your address so I can send you these! Im gonna add a little more to the front, But I kind of like the main image being on the back. I'll play woth some designs and see what I come up with
  9. 1. BFG's 2. Operate in close, tight-knit squads 3. We are Vader's Death Squad, **** we killed his Brother and Sister in Law who were raising his son for him! 4. When its all said and done we are the best of the best and the most gangster boys and gals in armor. We get it done... minus that whole droid and millenium falcon thing....
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