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  1. Getting close on the filter. Might buy one of these and hack it down to size. the height looks close already. New Mini Cooper air filter. Still looking at some of the older Euro cars...
  2. I considered just scratching a box for it, thats why i wanted to check if anyone knew the measurements. I guess I can always eyeball it for approximate size. The filter looks like a typical flat car/ truck airfilter to me. Thanks!
  3. Anyone know the size of the top box on this pack? or is it a stow-n-go also? TIA! Not sure what pack you guys call this one...
  4. print a pic for reference and start hitting up the Targets and China-Marts in your area to find a suitable substitute
  5. I always though they looked just like poster tubes / art tubes. the ALIEN is 22" tall to give you an idea for scale.
  6. that the perfect spot IMO. that pretty much where i put on one that i modded for a squad member. i like it, if that means anything! lol <_< obviously not done in this pic.
  7. lol. no need to go too far, but raise it enough so you can see the tops of the eyes. which, for whatever reason makes the MRCE look way more correct than it does witht the hero style brow.
  8. dont forget to highbrow that sucker, makes all the difference on the MRCE...well the ears too! not to mention waaaaaay better than an FX
  9. $4K!! nice work for a good cause! cheers!
  10. a few certain people in the governement who have a D (not all dems, but mostly) next to there name that forced/cohereced banks to lend to poeple that cant afford a house basically started the collapse of this house of cards. no one deserves anything. you have what you have because you earned it. once again liberal / hippie thinking has us all suffering. why try when someone will lobby that you, somehow, deserve somthing with out trying? thats rewarding bad behavior. what we are seeing now is the bursting bubble. all bubbles burst. i can only wonder where was the forsesight of people like Dodd, Franks, Bernanke and Paulson? they seem to have great ideas how to fix it in a matter of days but couldnt see it coming. ridiculous. the market will correct itself, it always does. all we are seeing is things return to thier true value. it wont make getting a loan harder if you are qualified. if you arent qualified, yes it will be harder. thats how it works. another lesson to learn is never use credit with a variable rate. duh, right? also CEOs shouldnt have a golden parachute if all of there employees lose thier hard earned pensions and benefits. if they tank a company they should forfiet that years earnings and stock options. the good things is that we will see over-regulation at first which should get things back to "normal" qucikly. the best we can hope for is moderate and common sense regualtion. not the crazyiness that it has been allowed to become. ok, well im done ranting all over the place
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