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  1. I used virtually the same technique but the camouflage/camping version of Krylon Khaki to do all my armor (using thinner to 'wipe' parts to form sand clumping. When I did the boots, I used took the shin armor and stood them up on the boots and then painted so that parts of the boot would be more weathered than other portions. I've done this to 5 suits of armor so far.
  2. Are there any DC-15 Long Rifles out there? I love my DLT-19 and DC-15 shorty, but I'm still hunting down that long blaster for my Clone.
  3. TD-9914


    Is anyone else having problems with the new website? I can't get PMs to work. The subject box doesn't appear and I can't type in the body. Is this problem being addressed?
  4. Squared away! Looks great, Jason! About time you went TD!
  5. Anybody with photoshop skills want to take a shot at this?: <a href="http://s87.photobucket.com/albums/k133/firefox13a/?action=view&current=SAM_0253.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k133/firefox13a/SAM_0253.jpg" border="0" alt="Stack"></a>
  6. I totally thought you were the new Sideshow statue for a minute! LOL Nice work!
  7. Awesome job, bro! Now, all you need to do is get your Hummer equally as dirty! (that and add a turret)
  8. Good point, Slave1pilot... TESTORS is designed for models so I tested it on some extra parts first and it worked perfectly. I've used it for a few years now with good results. Regular Paint thinner will probably do a lot of harm. I should have emphasized that a bit more.
  9. Thanks, guys! For anyone wondering, the weathering was achieved using KRYLON Brand Camoflage Khaki Spray paint (Walmart has abundance) and TESTORS paint thinner (local model shop/hobby lobby). All I did was spray into cracks and any place sand would naturally accumulate, then take the thinner and some Q-Tips to clean the high points and rub away with a paper towel. I repeated a few times to get the look of old and new accumulation. Also, the thinner changed the consistancy in some areas so it made it look layered. The last thing I did was mist everything. I tried using poster paint, but I wasn't satisfied. So I figured, this suit has plenty of scratches, and I already have a TK spare suit, so what they hey, I may as well use spray paint, and be capable of all-weather trooping. It was easy. I did a few suits with just one can. A large bottle of thinner will do one suit. The thinner does not hurt the ABS, in fact, I was using it to clean my TK to great effect. It is perfectly safe. Rock on brothers. Look forward to trooping with you all! -Airborne Stormtrooper TD-9914
  10. Tours of duty: 12 SEP 09 Museum of Life Raleigh, NC This was a real treat; I will have to get exact figures, however, Carolina Garrison did this even the previous year and brought in very high numbers. Through word of mouth and some local advertising, this year not only broke our record last year, but broke the record attendance for the museum itself several fold. The parking lot was full all the way several streets over. I have never posed so much for pictures at ANY event. The kids were overjoyed. From early AM until 6 PM, there was no lulls in picture taking except for lunch and one download Class I fluid- and that took 30 minutes to traverse two rooms over because of the crowd. 3 OCT 09 JAX CON, Jackson NC This was one of those events, you're just happy to see Garrison members again. There really isn't much to report.
  11. Attempt #2, gentlemen. It unfortunately took longer to make the corrections needed, as I was once again deployed overseas. At long last, I have made my corrections, which were limitted to replacing my ribbed TK shoulder straps, with flat white 2-inch strips. While overseas, I went ahead and purchased an improved Abdominal plate to replace my modified FX/cut out resin Ab plate. Now my abdomen is one solid plate. I've also made additional improvements to much of my rig system and enhanced my dexterity. Looking forward to hearing your feedback, and even more so, looking forward to getting DEPLOYED as an Officer in the MEPD! Front: Back: Right: Left: Action poses: Corrected shoulders: Bucket off:
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