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  1. The Trooper Banging on Jabba's wall lmao
  2. Shout out to my Sandies Video (try not to laugh) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9eijjXVNfM Fell free to Shout back in comments below. MTFBWU
  3. I got this flask but not yet converted to a bee stinger. How did you get the bottle out of the flask? Thanks
  4. Hey guys, how do I get the certificate for this?thanks
  5. Hey Guys.How dod I get the certificate for this? thanks
  6. Looking forward to seeing this finished I been thinking about getting my son some armour
  7. What i did to create my shirt was just upload the graphic to a t-shirt making website called cafepress.com http://www.cafepress.com/cp/customize/
  8. I had this shirt made up for a bit of fun about 4 years ago.Thought some of you Guys here may find it amusing so thought would post it up. It would be fun to give some other store/products the Starwars/Mos Eisley Look and post here.
  9. I am so sad to hear this.I came here after hearing this hoping it was not true.My hart go's out to Shiela and Joes Family for their very sad loss. Ive only met Joe breifly once or twice at the sw weekends and he truly was a gentle giant.A top bloke and a fellow sandy brother. I traded my uncut series 5 sheet for his uncut series 4 in person last july.He was wheelchair bound and still lead the sw weekends parade proudly as his at at driver. RIP big guy and if i ever make it to heaven i'll bring my armour and see you there. Im so sorry to hear this
  10. Just in case anyone has missed these.Limited to a run of 600 available only to 501st.Get yours before its too late.Available over on the 501s main forum merch section.They are not fan made and are being made by lego
  11. still not got this one yet,looking for one every time im in a store that sells them
  12. Just a thought I had today, prob been said here before.What about a MEPD set of trading cards that we could purchase from here if someone is up for organising it and trade with other mepd members for their cards to get the whole set.Different from the 501st set,it would be nice to have some sort of MEPD design.What every one think?
  13. Heres some of Your MEPD Sandie brothers who ended up in the local paper this week here in the UK.Its a kool pic so thought you would like a look. Click to enlarge.
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