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TD-18877 Requesting Deployment

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Name Matteo Crippa 

Id 501 TD18877 

Forum nickname TD18877 

Italica garrison




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Hi Matteo, welcome to the MEPD and thank you for your interest in becoming a deployed Police Officer. 

We, the MEPD DOs, take a lot of time reviewing the applications here and providing advice where needed and we really enjoy doing this. But we also expect the applicants to do their homework and we highly recommend not rushing anything, so please take your time to do some research here on the forum. 

Please have a look at this thread in which you will find the requirements for PO and study them carefully:

After having read the requirements, you will realize that you need a backpack to apply for PO. 

I also suggest to have a look at some of the tidy application threads e.g. 

Cheers mate:salute:

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Hi Matteo,

welcome to the dusty part of the empire.

Like Urs said, read and study the PO-CRL´s, take a look at your TD-built, improve or change some things.

Here is a List, which pictures and information we need to process your request:

  Afew things I could already see on the images that need to be changed or added:

- Handplates are trapezoid shaped and made of latex or other flexible material. The gloves have to be black rubber chemical gloves. The plates are glued on the gloves.

- Backpack is missing

- a mesh behind the frown is not allowed

- No canvas pouches for the hips!

- Please reduce the diameter of your forearms slightly

- the scope has been mounted wrongly

- missing the Hengstler and powerzylinders on the Blaster




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Ok sorry. 

I will post pics when i m ready.

The backpack is in mind, like a new blaster.. I lack the funds to carry them out.

Thank you for reply to me :)


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Hey Matteo, you don't have to get a new blaster, your blaster looks pretty good, may I ask what it is based on? 3D printed or a pipe-build?

You just have to turn around the scope and add the Hengstler counter and the power cylinders. 

For the backpack, just take your time and try to build it yourself, in the end this will be very rewarding and probably cheaper than simply buying a completed pack. There are many good sources for the required parts in Europe, for example Sonixworld from Italy makes an amazing Radio. 

While building your pack, you can already be trooping and enjoying your Sandtrooper. :)

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My blaster is in resin. The scope is ok now, sorry for wrong pics :(


For backpack, i have more pieces,  i know sonixworld we are friends,  just need money for my sonix radio :)

thank you for pointing out the defects.  unfortunately my arms are tight, more than that I can't do them.  perhaps from the photos they seem large.  I added an ammunition bag on the left side.

I will try to take new photos as requested when I also have a backpack.

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