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Bulldog44 TD (Anovos) Build 2019 (WIP)

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Bulldog44 finally reporting in to start my TD build!:salute:  

After many years of procrastinating I am officially starting a build thread for my first TD.  Bought one of the first round Anovos kits for $350 but it sat in a box. Recently I trimmed the parts down and started to assemble a few bits.

Here is my intended order for this build:

1. trimming -done

2. biceps and forearms - in progress

3. thighs and shins/calves - in progress

4. shoulders - 

5. belt -

6. chest and ab plate (adding hardware/ 3 button plate) - 

7. strapping - 

8. knee ammo pack & diamond sniper knee plate

9. helmet - 

10. calves (strapping)

11. weathering

12. backpack - ?????

Hope to have more photos of my progress up soon. Please feel free to make suggestions or things I need to correct if I make a mistake.

:td:Let the build begin!

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Upper armor trimmed parts- Anovos helmet in background. 




Forearms- Both forearms nearly finished. Just need to trim cover strips and remove return edges near wrists and some bits near the inner top ends. 



Biceps- Both biceps near completion, need to trim off return edges and cover strips. 



Left Thigh- Not happy with this seam and alignment of the 2 halves. Attempt 2 in progress, pictured below.




I wasn't happy with the alignment and visible seam at the bottom of the left thigh and top edge. Removed cover strip and re-gluing it. No magnets left unused!  Looks a mess but hope it help it all in place this time.


Update: Attempt #2 failed. The cover strip shifted off center so I have started over again. This time I am going back to gluing one half at a time. Results to come soon.

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