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*done* Td22226 requesting deployment

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Been in Italy hopefully a full kit up this weekend pain when you live alone

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lower legs look well odd but can see from previous pic's there same colour

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Mark, let´s start the second and last (?) Review!


Application Review: Part 2

Name: Mark Greensmith

Legion ID: TD-22226

Forum Name: wowwookie1

Garrison: UK Garrison



a. Green lenses: check

b. Paint color of traps / tears: check

c. Correct number of teeth: check

d. Mic tips: check

e. Vocoder color: check

f. Tube stripes: check

g. Rank bar on ears: check

h. Brow: check

i. Side screws (ears): check

j. Weathering: check


*additional comments*


Checked & Cleared


Armor details


a. elastic straps shoulders: check

b. neck seal: check

c. black undersuit: check

d. shoulder bells: check

e. biceps: check

f. forearms: check

g. pauldron: check

h. chest / back plate: check

i. kidney / butt plate: check

j. ab plate / side rivets / cod: check

k. strapping system: check

l. thighs: check

m. shins / calves: check

n. sniper plate: check

o. boots: check

p. gloves: check

q. hand plates / guards: check

r. ammo belt (waist): check

s. ammo belt (right knee): check

t. canvas belt: check

u. pouches: check

v. weathering: check


*additional comments*


check and cleared!



a. details: check

b. weathering: check

*additional comments*


check and cleared!



a. details: check

b. weathering: check


check and cleared!


Mark, this was your second  and final review, congratulation. Now you can help us hunt the scum out of the city!

You have successfully followed the guidelines in regards to the MEPD CRL and have met the requirements, be proud of yourself.

Please send the pic you want to use to Luis (Sandman Tigui) and we'll get you squared away.

We will have your updated information uploaded into the MEPD system very soon.

Congratulations on becoming a Deployed Officer of the MEPD, very well-deserved!


Best Regards!


bigwam - MEPD Deployment Officer

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Congratulations Police Officer! :duim:

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