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Not all pictures are being shown properly, at least not on my laptop.. :(

But what I could see looks like Officer material to me! :duim:


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No hurry, no stress. 

All fine

I can troop by the way.

that's more important to me :)

I will put more pictures into the original post this day.

Details of the Pauldron weathering (hard to see it)

Ammobelt (the whole belt)

Action picture





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I know this is a hobby for all of us, also a voluntary work for you who do the review.

I know that our Hobbie often needs a lot of waiting time.

That's OK so long as I don't feel a bit ignored.

I don't know if anything is wrong with my armour or my art of presentation, doing the Request here or anything else.

I don't know if I could walk on eachs others feet on a other platform like Facebook or a forum.

At Monday my request is 4 Weeks(1 week within the holidays) old without any commentary  from a person who will do the review like, sorry I am overworked, sick, or have a bad time or else... I know that's not of my buissnes, because that's private but it would let me know that I not be ignored

But I think it's best to close this here and I will do a new request at a better time.

So now I will delete the pictures and you can write me a PN when it's OK for you, when you have enough time and Energie for looking at the pictures and say me what I  have to change and could make better.

Sorry for my bad english but I guess you know what I mean. So I would be happy to read from you in a few days, weeks or whenever.

Now I eat a Burger and go trooping :)

That's why I doo that hobby

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Markus, I sincerely apologize your request has taken so long. We try our best to get these reviewed as quickly as possible. The officers who handle these rewiews have unfortunately not had the time to do so. As soon as they return we will be sure to let you know so you can submit your photos again. 

From my first look initially I think you are going to be a quick and easy review. You did a great job with your application. I hope the review team can get you sorted out ASAP. 

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