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  1. Cesar

    TD proyect

    Hey amigos soy yo Cesar desde Richmond Hill ga saludos.
  2. Hey this is Cesar I am trying to put together my Sandie I need some help with the straps that connect the chest, back and shoulder, if anybody know where I can find some pictures of how to do it, it will be awesome! Thanks ahead! In the mean time I keep surfing the MEPD website.
  3. Hey Cesar reporting! It has been awhile since I posted my “Sandie on the Works” Still weathering, looking and digging for info, of how to do things “The right way” specially since I am shooting to go as Move Along Cap, and why? I guess he is a total challenge!!! Here are some of my picture progress, Please don’t mind my pet! I found him lonely, thirsty, and hungry! Now he is part of me!!!
  4. Hey Hausie here is the area that I marked on the ears. The area that u see marked with black pencil is the area that I am going to cut. Both ears front and one side on the back. The other side is cut already. Here are the photos before I cut them.
  5. Here is the photo of I have it connected the chest, back and shoulder
  6. Hey this is Cesar here are the pictures of the helmet
  7. Oh ok here is the option to load photos. Here is my MA CAP helmet. Check it out see what u think. Please and thank u.
  8. Welcome Jens hope u enjoy it. I will be joining soon MEPD. Working on my Move Along Captain. Hopefully I can do it. Anyway have fun!
  9. Welcome Mython, I just join also! I am glad for you! Hope u enjoy your journey I am working on my Sandie. I am trying to go with the Move Along trooper, I am sure I have a long work. These guys are amazing, since I join they reach out to me, giving me lots of encouragement and helpful tips. It is going to so cool! Wish u the best!
  10. I am in Georgia. There are some friends that have been in the 501st here in town I will contact them. I will do what you say! Is that how I get my Tk#. Ok I will let u know. I will be sending you some photos of my armor pieces soon. Thanks again!
  11. Sorry to ask this! Like I said all these steps are new to me. Where do I go to do that?
  12. Ooooh my! I got what I ask for!!!!! it is amazing the details of this pack! But I am an artist myself! What a challenge! I am in the states hopefully I can find some of the exact parts. I know I will have to order some. It will take time to build this! But with the info u have giving me it a step closer to the finish line! It will be a great accomplishment! I know it will be a while before I can be part and be approved by MEPD but all things are possible! Patience, patience and more Patience... Then the next step is the E11 wow! “Is like that song from the first Rambo “First Blood” “It’s a Long Road” haha! (Just a side comment, sorry) But my Sandie is almost ready! So is a step by step thing! I thank God for u and the rest of the team! God bless!
  13. Hi everyone I am Cesar I just wanted to say hi to all Sandies out there. I want to say thank in advance for all of you and the hard work you guys have put into the MEPD. I am new into all these 501st stuff, navigating through these website. I live in Richmond Hill Ga. I have been working on my Sandie for almost 4 years now and is almost complete, seems after you finish something, something else comes up! Is been a sweet ride... All of u guys look incredible, and I am hoping to look like some of u guys! And get that cool looking card u guys have. I am not a kid I am 56 now, but I never going to get old, and let my kid dreams vanish! When I first saw New Hope I was 13 it was incredible!! Sandies always were the best in my heart! That is why MEPD is the best, top dogs!! That is why it is so amazing to be part of you!
  14. Anytime Hausi! Thank you I will start working on it! Hey is there a place that shows how to build in details the backpack like the pieces that I have to get and the frame. I will maybe will like to build it. Let me know
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