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  1. Hi Vinvent, ok maybe you 've some problems getting screws, bolts & nuts but you minimize this handicap with your great craftsmanship.
  2. How is my TD coming along?

    Hello Matthew, I think the sniper knee plate is missing or I'm to blind to see it...
  3. Love your build ! Good luck
  4. Striders Backpack build with found parts

    Thanks... as always..... great work
  5. TD build, hoping for basic approval

    Congrats Patrick, can you please try to put you pics in again. That would be wonderful. Many thanks
  6. *DONE* TD21804 requesting deployment

    Hi John, Congrats, like your weathering.
  7. *DONE* TD-40803 Requesting Deployment

    Hi Szen, nice build. I like your weathering. Good luck. Cheers Olli
  8. Hi Urs, Congrats to your build. Unfortunately all pic are lost. Is there a possibility to link them new? Cheers Olli
  9. Good build! What a nice idea with the flag on the shoulder bell
  10. MG15 - Luftwaffe manual

    Ciao Alberto, good find. Thanks for sharing.
  11. WOW... the one you made looks fantastic. Great craftsmanship
  12. I own an MG-34

    Lucky guy...
  13. My RT-97C

    A real beauty !
  14. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Welcome Jesse, have a great time and good luck for deployment.
  15. New Users, introduce yourselves here!

    Welcome on the dirty side