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  1. Are there any news about?
  2. Hi folkz Friend of mine has a helmet from sandprop and it fits way better than rs, tm, rwa.. So he was checking to get another one for his TD.. But Sandprop sold his molds over to the USA.. Does anyone know to whom and if one can get a helmet there? Cheers & thx in advance
  3. Another German Police Officer Today our first official Troop as Sandtrooper and now your deployment too.. . Perfect day Congrats bro. Great to hear.. But never expect anything less than success Not lets again patrol together to comb the desert and looking for those droids
  4. @Ralf_Eckner we gonna sort this out @ the weekend brother, no worries
  5. thx @ll ..it is an honor to serve with the best of the best of the best yes, just the RS Foil
  6. Nice Work my friend.. expected nothing else as success from you..as always
  7. was a missunderstanding .. we gonna re-do it at the weekend (can we use this topic or do we need a new one?)
  8. Name: Sebastian Kuch Legion ID: TD-56722 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24556 Forum Name: RebelHunter Garrison: German Garrison Armor: RS Kit [Shins from RWA] Helmet: RS Kit Pauldron: Burkbench Design [former Imperial Supply Depot] Neckseal: Imperial Seamstress Gloves: Imprial Warfighters Pouches: ebay E-11 Bapty: Felice Field Pack: Frame by Karimor (from Burkbench), Radio build by Sandie Comms (leather and greeblies finished by me), Filter & Box by Trevor, Syphon & Seedtrays by RWA, Canteen by Imperial Warfighters Armor 360° with Pack & Back without Pack Helmet 360° with details Backpack 360° Boots 360° (Torso) Armor Details (Thigh & Shin/Sniper Plate) Armor Details Belt & Pouches Pauldron & Gloves & Neckseal E-11 Bapty
  9. Hi folkz, TD-56722 (German Garrison) requestimg Sandtrooper section access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24556 thx
  10. Hi @ll Ok i know how to add it and the recommend position (thx to pics), but i am interesst in what you did in addition to provide it from ridiing under your tigh while trooping? Or did you just glue it on?
  11. Hi @ll I am looking for a good tutorial to make accurate Hippouches? Any recommendations?
  12. Yes they are.. i got an older pair, but they are a bit tight and i was looking for a pair on size bigger, but unfortunately they are old out in the size i was looking for ok and thx for the fast reply @Hausi
  13. Are these boots acceptable for Basic, PO, Swat? Worried about the red circled area and want to ask before purchasing them
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