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  1. Hey REEEEEDDDDDD....Wellcome bro....!!!
  2. Thomas, could you take a side photo of the Tabby Type F but with a ruler for measurement reference please?
  3. I have the Woodman seedtrays and they are great..!!!
  4. Congrats Edgar....good job brings great results. @bigwam could you please give Edgar @Deadline2019 access a a Sandtrooper to the forum please? He is now part of the Jundland Wastes Wolves patrol. His ID is TD 19122 Thanks
  5. Hello Urs, I can´t see the pics, are they still available? I´m very interested. Thanks!
  6. Yeah....congrats brothers....!!!!
  7. 84.- EXPO COLECCIONISTAS (NOV-30-2019) - Mexico City
  8. 83.- RADIO INTERVIEW "CORAZÓN ILUSTRADO" (NOV-27-2019) - Mexico City
  9. Did you order something to eat brother? I could take it with you..!!
  10. 82.- EGS LIVE - FRIKIPLAZA (OCT-26-2019) - WTC Mexico City
  11. 81.- YepaFest! (OCT-26-2019) - Colegio México, Mexico City
  12. 80.- Accompanying families (OCT-12-2019) - Mexico City´s Airport The Dar Foundation invites us to accompany 4 families who have gone through difficult times of health and ask us for support to line them up as they enter to take their flight.
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