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  1. Wolfman

    CRL 2015

    Voted. Felt good. 😃👍🏻
  2. I made these drawings taking measurements from an actual British Sterling. The measurements are 1:1 if printed out to where the 1" in the bottom right corner measures an actual inch. If your interested, I can email the printable PDF of this file.
  3. I'm anxiously waiting to see this pass!!!! Such a spot on submission. I watched brother Bluey go through so much work to get this as perfect as possible.
  4. Did you get strapping from your kidney play to the ab plate? That may help with pulling the sides of the kidney plate in a bit. I just line up the lines of the butt and kidney plates then use elastic straps glued to both with no gap using e6000. Just keep rubbing your pouch with rags until the dye stops coming off. Can you post pics of the ears? ATA should sell you a set of ears. Looking great otherwise!
  5. AM is great for bigger guys so the bells may be to big. You may have to trim to make them look proper.
  6. That's a nice gun!😊 ATA really does make a nice kit!
  7. Great thread! A brother of mine is going to find it handy since he's doing "stop that ship" soon!!! 👉😜👈
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