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  1. Awesome job Luke! I just finished my T-21 (same maker) as well. At the end I had used 3/4 of a can of bondo...lol! I love the idea with your trigger; I used a Xavier plasma disc as well but mine is orange. I wanted a red one but I guess they don't come in that color? J
  2. OMG........Holy jaw dropping s...!!!!!!!!!!! Your right, it is the best E-11 out there. One of the best fan made props I have ever seen.
  3. Very interesting, thanks for posting. J
  4. This is awesome, thank you for posting!!!
  5. Ok thanks. Woodchuck stated it was 50.25'' as well so i'll go with that. When I googled it I came up with this sight: http://www.partsofsw.com/t21.htm it says the length is 50.50''. Thanks again RoCKo. J
  6. What is the total length of the T-21 prop?
  7. Yes it does RoCKo. Thanks for the help! I thought it was added to the gun as an extra piece, I didn't know it came with the gun. It looks like I will have to scratch built it.
  8. Could someone please tell me what this part is called and what size it is? It looks like some form of connector for a cabnet or something but I can't find it at Kent or Home Depo? Any help would be appriciated.
  9. Very cool looking rifle. Nice Mando costume as well. Is the first picture your regular helmet?
  10. Ok, that is something to look into, I have never used that resin before. Is it a two part solution like bondo? I contacted the propmaker and he said not to worry about it once the lower stock is glued togeather because it will support the pvc (I'm thinking as long as you don't swing it around). I will probably still do a light reinforcement. Thanks, J
  11. Sabretooth_aw this is a legitimate question, I am working on my Cushman T-21 now and I am wondering about the same issue. Have you resolved the problem yet? Wouldn't regular fiberglass really heat up and melt this thin plastic in a second? Would goop work at all? J
  12. Well done! It's cool to see people make works of art out of everyday items. J
  13. Saw this one at our garrison form, pretty cool:
  14. Why is my password constantly not working and why can I not view my profile? I have selected to save my password but everytime I log on I have to get a new one? Also my profile page wont load so I can change the password to something I can remember!? Jason
  15. I can't access my profile and keep getting an error? Please help. Jason
  16. HiAres X, I recieved my Item, thank you! I also sent you the little bit of extra money you were charged. Thanks again, J
  17. You can mark it as other (piece of garden drip hose). The only thing Canadian customs gives us a hard time with is weapons/guns. Thanks again, JR
  18. Thank you very much for doing this! Paypal sent.
  19. That is cool with me as well. Please let me know the total and paypal when you are ready. JR
  20. Count me in for a set. If any one else is interested please let Ares X know. J
  21. Maybe you can cut it up and offer it in parts to a bunch of people? J
  22. Cool, thanks! I have never heard of a drip hose before? I will check it out.
  23. Ok, thanks. We don't have a Lowe's but we have home depo, i'm wondering if they would have that stuff? J
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