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    Man, painting came out great! Tube stripes are the hardest part on the complete build imho, I have one helmet in my collection I build years ago and one side of the tubes is still without stripes... I hate painting these **** stripes! The black/grey parts almost look like decals.... Maybe consider some paint chips as you don’t want to look like those standards TK’s, huh...
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    Access granted to you both, welcome!
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    Since this is based on the same armour as Rogue One I think a lot of this crl can just be copied over from the “Jedha Trooper” with certain additions: - The sniper or blast plate on the bucket. - The Plash Palatka poncho - Weathering details - Option of an E10 or Rogue One E11 blasters - Optional 4 pocket bandolier - Optional pack and Pauldron
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    Just waiting on S-trim and bucket will be complete and ready for weathering!
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    Omg maybe it's cause I bought rubies but that made me LMFAO
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    Now you tell me!! Now where did I put that receipt???
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