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Questions before I start

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Hi there, new to the detachment forums here, I'm looking at doing a couple of Jedha sandies for my wife and I. TL;DR I got two R1 TK kits a long time ago, only now getting them done, for a couple of reasons we won't be doing standard R1 TK costumes we are pivoting to doing R1 Jedha Sandies.

I've looked through the forums here a bit trying to get info, and seen the build threads for the Jedha patrol packs (we don't want to do the crystal packs), and I found the guy selling the 3D files but has anyone done a build with non-3D printed stuff to show what components they used, how they did construction, etc? I don't have a 3D printer so it would be really expensive for me to commission someone to fully print 2 packs for us, was hoping I could do mostly found parts for the builds or whatever, and only have 3D stuff printed when absolutely necessary.

Also, how does the Jedha patrol pack actually attach to the armor? I'm looking through the signature photos and pics posted in build threads and unless I'm an idiot and completely missing something obvious, I do NOT see how the patrol packs are held on. I see no straps or anything anywhere, so are you guys just hooking the packs directly to the back plate of the armor?

Lastly, how 'dirty' does the Jedha santrooper REALLY need to be? I mean we all know that sandies are pretty heavily weathered in ANH but the troopers we see on screen in R1 are very, very mildly weathered by comparison. If we do some mild/light weathering and send in our pics for approval, are we going to have to argue with anyone about why we don't have sand-colored paint on 50% or more of our armor? I don't mind weathering, don't get me wrong, but I don't want my whole kit orange and black to get basic approval. Looking at the stuff I see here on these forums it looks like you folks all have the same ideas as me, very mild on the weathering. Did any of you guys have issues with your GMLs telling you to weather more?

Thanks for any info, and looking forward to getting these kits done   :)

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I am not familiar with a list of found parts.  My pack is from CrookKnight.  He is closed and sold all of his pack stuff to Dave' s Darkside Depot.  The pack I have is 3D printed. My pack has elastic straps to hold it in place.  the straps are hidden by the pauldron and armor mostly and blends with the undercut. As for the weathering, the CRL moderately weathered.  I'd interpret the as the weathering should be noticeable but not excessive. 

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