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A Ghostface's AM WIP

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Hello MEPD members,

Outside of posting my progress on the Backpack thread, I want to show my progress on my AM armor and ask genuine questions on creating my sandy armor in order to become a Police Officer. Not shown yet is I have made progress on my armor as I have one of the lower leg piece is trimmed and my bucket is almost completed. Eventually, I will show my bucket completed for some feedback. On the other hand I have pictures of both the chest and back plate armor on certain sides for a better visualization.

These pieces came in trimmed and I know I would need to trim these parts even more to fit them on my body in order to replicate what was shown on screen, how far should I cut off the walls off the chest and back plates minus the bottom walls(Shown in the back potions of the pieces)?  Also are there anymore places on these pieces that I should cut and trim?

I hope I don't sound too confusing in this post, I just need help and advice with building my armor in order to become a PO. 









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I would make the returnedge on the chest and back no more than 3 - 4 mm. At the top, towards the shoulders, I would pretty much go for 1 mm, as a strong RE can put pressure on the shoulders.

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Thank you Bigwam and Punisha for the advice. Speaking of the advice I have photos of the completed trimming and I want to know does it look ok for a beginner like me?

Also I have some red arrows pointed at the shoulders since correct me if im wrong but they should be short in length and if so how far should I trim the shoulders for the back and chest plate?

Finally, maybe by next week I will put these parts together but how long should the white elastic straps should be that will hold the the two pieces together?






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