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E-11 Inspection

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So here is my ANH E-11(This is not a bapty) I ordered online from someone who is part of the Legion and if you want more info on the seller let me know. On the other hand, this seller had three version of this resin E-11 a blemished version, a coated version and a weathered version. I ordered a blemished version due to budget reasons and I wanted to weather my blaster and give it a design to my liking. Now, here are four images showing every side of the blaster, each of the images have blue and/or yellow arrows and they point to areas where I would need to cover the with putty, beside those areas shown are there any areas that I would need to fix with putty before giving it a coat of paint and weathering?

yzXF4ll.jpg watys0N.jpg uWoXFBV.jpg illyHGq.jpg

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I think that's ok. A few small touch-ups and painting, as well as weathering, then that's good.

Search the Internet for comparison pictures or here in the forum, then you will have suggestions on how to achieve a good result with weathering.

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