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Denix MG34

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Hey guys....finally got one of these, took like close to a year to get it shipped.

Super cool item. Looks the part. I'd like to add the T-tracks and port cover. I already have the Danco 3/4" disk for above the grip, but I'd like to keep them removable for any WWII re-enactments that I also get to do once in a while.

Anyone convert theirs to the DLT-19? Just checking to see if there is a pre-made port cover anywhere and where I can find the T-tracks (not going to use wiper blades btw). Thanks !!

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1 hour ago, Hausi said:

For t-tracks, you may search for Super6props on Facebook. I think he's also on etsy and ebay. His tracks are great, have them on several of my blasters.

Danke !

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