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Jedha TD build

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Hi Everyone,

I am working my way through my first armor build: 850 AW kit, heading towards Jedha TD.  Bunch of photos of my progress (mostly with my DLT-19 / Happy Trooper build). I will add more as I finish assembly, you can view them here:



Thank you in advance for the feedback and advice. 






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Hardest part so far have been the thighs.  I think i am on the right track, though...

I have large thighs, i guess. needed to make room, used shims/cover strips to my advantage in the front.  I will use a shim/polyflex at the bottom to bridge the gap of the left thigh. 

The right is a little more tricky. This one needs to be butt joined, but again, i needed to make space. I used shims to make the gap, and added a small extra shim at the top to give me a surface to apply polyflex, and eventually shape the top to match the CRL. Was chatting on the 850 FB group about this modification, but haven't received any feedback. Photo before the cover strip. I also added some shims at the bottom, will apply polyflex here to bridge the gap/fill as well. 



right thigh_no cover strip.jpg

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