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Pouch dimensions?

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Hey folks,

This is the Sandtrooper I eventually intend to go for :- http://www.mepd.net/?page_id=910/ (White pauldron Desert Sergeant , desert version/pack 3)

I see there are 3 pouches in total, two at the hip, one on the shoulder

My question is does anyone have the correct dimensions for both? (or a good source ?)


I spotted these for the hip pouches:- https://trooperbay.com/sandtrooper-leather-mp-40-magazine-pouch

they look to be the right size (Measures 9.75 inches tall, 6 inches wide, 1.125 inches thick)

I may go for swat eventually so am keeping that in mind :) 

I want everything to be as accurate looking as I can but the pouches I have seen for sale seem very expensive so I might have a go at making them myself.

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Hey Chris,

i really like this specific configuration and did some research myself especially on those pouches.

The only available and in my opinion correct canvas shoulder pouch is this one:

Link to eBay auction

I studied all available reference images and I’m convinced that this is the correct pouch seen on screen compared to other pouches especially because the small tool pouch has the non-trapezoid flap end and the closing mushroom cap rivet on the same place seen on screen.

I bought one for my TD as well and I’m very happy with it. Only thing that isn’t absolutely correct is the length of the closing straps which could be a bit longer imho. Other than that the most accurate I know!

But maybe wait a little before buying since the price is almost double of what I payed (£30) from the very same seller!

The side pouches seem to be almost exact replicas off the German „Stolla Wien“ MP40 pouch and should be very close to their measurements.

I also have two original WW2 Stolla Wien pouches and will provide with  measurements as soon as I found them in my storage containers...

I‘ll let you know, mate!   :salute:

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