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TM Armor help !


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Hi Guys, I need some help with the armor


here my problem:


I cut both to 7,5mm for the 15mm cover


no trimming on the other side



and this is my problem right now,  my arm fits perfectly into it, but I think this is not correct.




same problem with the bicep


it fits very good so


can anyone help me please ?





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Help is here :D

Okay, my first recommendation is not to measure any of the edges where your joining strips will go. None of the edges are straight and you will end up cutting too much away or have a wonky edge. The best way to trim the edges is to lay your joining strips onto the armour where you want them and mark the middle of the strip onto the armour on both ends (top and bottom), then join up the marks and trim. If you end up with 8mm or 9mm, so be it - all good :)

For the bicep sizing (and all other parts) I wouldn't recommend trimming them smaller than the original armour. It will look odd and you will probably have a hard time getting the parts to fit together. That said, it can be done at your own risk.  The measurement across the top of the bicep is 190mm and at the bottom 170mm. Inner part is 180mm at the top and 160mm at the bottom. Use these measurements as a guide and see how you go. The edges have flat spots and this is where you should be aiming to glue your joining strips.

For the forearms, outer top is 165mm and bottom is 135mm. Inner top is 165mm and bottom is 135mm. Again, this has flat edges both sides to glue your strips to. If you lay your strips onto the edges and mark the middle of the strip, these are the numbers you should end up with. Don't worry if you end up with slightly higher or lower numbers - it's all good. Obviously you can trim them down slightly but post photos to show us how they look before you go too far.

Hope this helps :)

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good morning, ahhhh ok lets start




and this is now my cutting line



the top is around 165mm and the inner around 130 - 132mm


I think I understand it. . . .


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You are on the right track now :)

But before you cut anything, tape the two parts together, making sure the lines on both sides match up and test fit. You don't want to cut anything before test fitting as they may be too tight and you cannot get your hand through the wrist area of the forearm. If it feels too tight, open them up 5mm and see how that feels. Don't worry if they feel too big at this stage. As mentioned earlier, you don't really want to make any of the parts smaller than the original sizes, so get everything built up first and wear it and then you can add padding if necessary.

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You're welcome :duim:

The sizing looks fine from here. You want the armour to be loose on you so you can move around. Once it's all strapped together it will feel much better than holding parts against your body. You want all the parts to be scaled properly and sticking to the original sizes is the best way to achieve the correct look :)

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The master and his apprentice, that’s the way it has to be!  :duim:

To TM you listen, couldn’t be in better hands!
Thanks Paul for visiting the MEPD regularly to help by spreading your knowledge!

Much appreciated! :salute:

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  • 2 weeks later...

hi, back again

so here are the test fitting.....




and here you can see, the kidney is overlapping around 15mm on each side.



please help me, can't walk or lift the legs good enough and I didn't wear my boots.

when I wear my boots, the Shins moving up and then I can not move the leg.




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Okay, the first thing to do is not panic :D

You are wearing armour that is taped together with no give in any of the parts so you will feel like C3PO until the parts are strapped properly. Don't worry about the abdomen and kidney overlapping. You will find it won't be as much once it's all strapped together and it will feel so much better. Plus, what's wrong with a bit of overlap? Better than having a big gap, right? I strongly recommend you don't cut the sides of the abdomen and kidney plates.

Next job is to focus on the legs. Try wearing just the thighs and your undersuit and walk around. You can tape elastic to the insides so you get a good feel for them. Make sure they are loose enough so you can pull them right up to your groin. That way they can move around on your leg without being too restrictive but make sure they aren't flopping around. Then size up your shins wearing your boots. A lot of people do the test fitting without their boots on and find the ankles are too tight when they put their boots on.

Everything else looks fine so far. You might need to trim the shoulder bells down slightly but leave those for now.

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