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Build Thread Sandtrooper


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  • 1 month later...

Long time ago .. :duim:


made some slow progress...

Worked on my strapping system for my upper body parts, but kinda failed the butt plate... placed the snaps just to close in the center of the butt plate, because of that the plate is not fitting tight to my butt ... R.I.P




Finished both biceps part







Here and there some issues.. Can i just fill the small holes with putty ???

Started with arms, one looks so far so good, but the other one looks weird, or did i do anything wrong ?



This one looks pretty okay..

But this on is the complete opposite, lol



And here some side project ...




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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey folks,

made some good progress so far... :peace:

Armor is nearly completly assembled now, and so far im happy.. The Shins are connected via velcros, could that be better ? Wanted to do the accurate style with the hooks or whatever, but i didnt looked like i wanted it, maybe i´ll give it a second try, cause not happy with the current result...

Need to get him dirty, but waiting for replaced thigh that i messed up, which is going to be send in the near future by the awesome creater DA Props!

Already got a lot of Backpack stuff here .. Just need a Karrimor frame and a Sonix Radio, and thats it i guess :D

Also im planning of buying a new pear of Gloves and a Rubber Babpty from Imperial Warfighters!

Enough talkin.... Here some pictures brothers !








Anything that could have been done better ?

thanks a lot for your time !

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Hey Luke, great progress, mate! That's what I call enthusiastic! :duim:

From what I can see everything looks good. You have done a good job making the armor fit and it suits you very well. 

I think I can see that there's still a lot of returnedge on the lower side of the biceps, you can trim it some more for comfort, just leave a very thin edge. 

Your undersuit seems to be to large as there are large wrinkles visible between the forearms and biceps. 

Keep up the great work, soon you'll be one of the dirty dudes. :peace:

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Hey Urs,

yea i need to reduce the returnedges for the biceps and arms ! :D

The Shirt i worn, is Large, but will be replaced by some quaility stuff.. Thinking of buying  a shirt and pants from Under amour, that is completly black..:salute:


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  • 3 months later...
  • 2 months later...

Hey Daniel, changed a lot. Here are some current pictures :salute:









Made some red canvas for the backpack and will replace the mortar tube, not happy with the positioning..

Also bought a White Pauldron and a DLT-19 !

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Oh yeah, seeing it at this angle, I think slightly repositioning the mortartube sounds like a good idea, just relocate the screw at the bottom, should get the job done. 

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