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Where, What and Whom To Avoid When Buying


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Where, What and Whom To Avoid When Buying

When new to buying armor and products, there is certainly "a wretched hive of scum and villainy" and Rancor pits out there, or in other words what and who you need to avoid when purchasing armor and other products. This advice will help you to avoid lot of headaches and over spending.

Rubies Supreme Stormtrooper Costume:

Even though the Rubies TK armor is licensed by Lucas Films, it is not acceptable for Legion membership without a LOT of work and putting a LOT more money and time into it. The average price for a Rubies Supreme Stormtrooper Costume is $400USD (305 Euros) to $700USD (535 Euros). But, after you factor in that you will have to purchase a replacement helmet, buy supplies to modify the armor, all this, just to get the Rubies TK armor up to Legion standards. It would be cheaper and easier for you to start with a new armor kit.

There have been a few members that have done Rubies with all the upgrades, but afterwards said they spent a lot of time and money and will be looking into a different suit of armor next.


The reasons why not to look into re-cast armor is first, the quality and customer service is not there. It may look like you are getting a great deal, because of the price and/or possibly the time frame and you are eager to get started on your TK and do not want you wait...

99% of the time, the product will be made out of sub-standard material that will not withstand trooping or even arrive at your door step with problems to begin with. Then that good deal turns into a money pit. You will end up spending money trying to fix or work on this now "not so good deal" than if you had taken the money that you spent on the re-cast and also trying to fix it and applied it to a product from a reputable vendor.

Another reason is that re-casting is basically stealing. I would hope that no one here condones stealing.

Website and individuals:

There are also certain products and websites that need to be avoided because of how that individual conducts themselves.Take for instance Star Fortress is run by a known pedophile and for bad product. TE is known for the way he conducts business and is also known for failing to ship product even months after payment was made.


Avoid kits on Ebay for the reason that was mentioned above, since they are 99.9% re-cast.

Have Jedi patience. Save yourself the headaches and money loss by avoiding any dealings with re-casters and unscrupulous people and websites.


Maker of Things

Pirate Trooper (PT)

Vacuum This (VT)



RTA /Mariusz Stormowski and Damian Jabloński



psuedonym (jimjedi3002)



Unscrupulous Individuals and Websites to avoid:

Star Fortress A.K.A. Nexus_enterprising

Matt Gauthier (TE)

www.stormtroopershop.com A.K.A. Jedi-Robe

Etsy vendor RubberBlastersEtc 

All the names to avoid may not be listed above. But, when in doubt, seek advice by posting before purchasing or bidding.

Remember, the best advice is always deal with vendors that have a good reputation and are on the vetted list. It will save you a lot of headaches and money.


Copied by permission from the FISD

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