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  1. Jeaz

    TK to TD

    Thanks for the welcome and for the positive feedback Hausi. Will order the color the days. I already got a lot for my pack in this week. A Wip will follow shorty.
  2. Jeaz

    TK to TD

    Hello my name is Willi, after 5 years being TK, it's now time for me to transform my slowly yellowing TK into a beautiful TD. First i removed all the parts that make up a TK. shoulderstraps, kneeplate etc. When I finished that, I also started removing the characteristics of a TK from the helmet and started the oily sandy weathering at the same time. I use burnt umber, yellow ochre and black acrylics. Torso front and arms. OII Thigh left and right Lower legs and boots I know what you're thinking: where is the sniperplate? Since the photo's are a bit older, this is already mounted and will of course be submitted later. That's all for today folks. Criticism and suggestions for improvement are very welcome
  3. requesting acces. Willi B├╝tow TK22282 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23248
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