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  1. Thanks guys! I can't wait for my box to arrive hopefully it's not -20 Celsius then so I can work in the garage
  2. Did you announce your stuff?
  3. Oh that's right! Well that should not be a problem :) but it will probably be after i get the armor together :)
  4. Hello everyone! Just getting back into the star wars armor hobby now when my kids are a bit bigger and i got "more" free time i got an armor kit back in 2011 but life and all made me sell it. I was going to get an RS kit but since Brexit Sweden puts an extra 25% sales tax plus custom fees on everything from UK. (and outside of EU) so that kit would be very expensive compared to the competition. Im still in the procurement phase and ive ordered the kit with helmet from DAprops, Neck seal, orange pauldron, belt and gloves from TM and got a DLT19 kit from etsy. What i still need to get is the strapping elastic, buttons, boots and pouches but these things should get ordered this week (not boots and pouches) since they are not needed until later into the build. On week 2/4 waiting for the BBB and im pretty exited to get gluing! Im thinking of getting the pouches and boots from RS since its not a large sum of money for those items but if anyone knows any seller from the EU i could get these from. Cant wait to start posting images from this project! Also, im not sure on how all of this 501 thing works, Do i contact my local garrison (nordic garrison) to get approved as a standard TD then i post here to get PO status?
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